You've got to move it, move it!

by brae  

Ok...we've sold the current place and have a contract on a new one.  First, we have to be out of here in less than three weeks.  Second, the other doesn't close until two and half weeks after that.  So my parents are going to have guests for about a month.  I'd like to have the place painted before moving anything into it, so everything will stay in storage while that is completed.

As expected, packing has commenced!  Been doing some weeding out in the process, too.  And, everyone is doing their part.  :D

I'll be around off and on...and should be back in full swing around mid September.  Did I mention I'll have a large dedicated workspace?  =sigh=

Mr. Rat is a beautifully handmade character from Candyfleece in the UK.

Cathode Ray Tube

by brae  

Found this fun little gem on etsy while searching for mini television sets.  I've always liked the Hallmark ornament versions, but those can be pricey.  This is a plastic salt and pepper set, but the size is great for a dollhouse retro TV.

The shakers look like speakers when in place, and you can't see them from the front.  You turn the knob to lift the shakers.

This set is in great shape, so I don't think it was ever used on a tabletop.

Even the box is in great condition.

It shows you how to operate the shaker.

And, there's a note about putting a photo in front of the screen.

All it needs is rabbit ears!  :D

Spin cycle

by brae  

The Brownstone will have a mudroom with a washer and dryer, and now I have the perfect set -- a generous gift from Barbara.

The set is by Town Square Miniatures, designed by Mary Beth Tumlin.  In the package was a tiny bottle of Tide.

I'd never seen this set before, even though I've researched washer dryer sets in miniature.  It's a remarkable set with realistic detailing.  There's even an agitator in the washer!

Thank you, Barbara!  :D

The Brownstone - timber grid stonework, part 1

by brae  

We had a near miss with a buyer that didn't end up working out, so it's back to sprucing the place up daily and awaiting random showings.  :D

lovely orchid on my kitchen table to entice buyers

I moved all the completed dollhouses out, and The Brownstone has been stacked in a flat formation in the closet.  Since this selling and buying business requires patience, I'm going to be working on The Brownstone as time permits to keep my sanity.  I can continue with the prep work on the walls and with any luck it will be time to move before I start gluing the beast together.  :O

Alright...where was I?

As noted, I forgot to add the stonework to parts of the timber grid as shown in my mockup color study.  I started with thin cardstock templates, each numbered so I could match them up again later.

Instead of using the 3/4" x 1" stones I had been cutting for the base, I determined the layout using the individual templates.  I thought it would look off to have partial stones, so I cut three even strips slightly wider than the base stones.  I then cut the length to make a pleasing pattern, gluing the stones to the cardboard template.

I'll paint the inserts with the base coat of Fawn by Americana.  Once I create the final two grids for the side walls, I'll make the stone inserts for those as well.  I'll then paint the final washes and glazes when I do the base stone so it will all coordinate in color.

New items for etsy, with more to come

by brae  

I finally finished staging and sprucing, so I started to tackle some of the smaller projects I kept available to work on...things that don't take up a lot of room and can be put away easily before showings.  :]  I also had a lovely day for spray painting and priming last weekend.  I have four of the items listed in my etsy shop with more on the work table.  There's also still time to bid on the saltwater aquarium on eBay.

Copper plant stand (plants and accessories not included).

Rustic settee with worn out cushion and pillows.

Copper striped chaise.

Copper lounge chair with modern fabrics.

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