Bishop Fall Show 2016

by brae  

The smaller of the two Bishop Shows that comes to Chicago was on this weekend Friday and Saturday, and I went over there today.  I didn't buy many items, but there were goodies to be had.

The Little Dollhouse Company: this is a tiny compass made by Jane Woodham.  It's exquisitely made.

Iklectic Kollectibles: a lovely woven rug.

Magic-N-Miniature: a mini oil can by Sir Thomas Thumb.

Wright Guide Miniatures: a no trespassing sign for Milo Valley Farm.

C&J Gallery: a relic fireplace piece that I will likely use as a decorative artifact.

I also bought a few things from the recent online miniature show.  These are from Natalie Gayle Miniatures.  The map case leather is so soft.

The book opens to show a hidden potion bottle.

The rug is fuzzy and perfect for a bath mat.

Sunburst gable

by brae  

Here are the front gable parts that come with the Creatin' Contest kit.

I started by gluing the bottom trim piece in place.

I cut a piece of paper to fit the surface above the lower trim piece.  I cut a Woodsies circle in half and centered it on the paper.  I marked the circle and upper trim placement on the piece of paper.

Using a protractor, I marked where I wanted my sunbeams to intersect the circle hub.

After drawing the lines, I checked the pattern to see if I liked the look.  SOLD!

I used a tracing wheel (a sewing tool) and a ruler to transfer the marks onto a piece of 1/16" thick basswood.

I cut along the dots with a blade and ruler.

I glued the upper long trims in place and then sanded the sunbeam pieces along the edges to remove any hint of the transfer dots.  Starting with the largest pieces, I fine-tuned the fit and marked where to cut each sunbeam in order to frame the circle hub. This is all in dry fit -- no glue on the sunbeam pieces or the circle hub just yet.

I continued until I reached the middle pair.  Due to the cutting and sanding, these ended up too small for the space so I custom cut two new pieces to fit.

I glued the sunbeam pieces and circle hub in place before adding the small trim piece on top.  #HBSCreatinContest2016

Now we're ready for paint! 

Sneak peek with Isabeau

by brae  

I've had the week off from work and completed some work on my Creatin' Contest build.  Here's a quick sneak peek with Isabeau modeling.  I've added Brodnax Willow wallpaper, stained trims and installed the new single door#HBSCreatinContest2016

Lovely flowers and garage minis

by brae  

I received a birthday package from Debora today.  She sent me some of her gorgeous handmade flowers along with some Chrysnbon kits (she knows my weakness).  These are all ready for planting, so I'll have to decide whether they will go in a planter or be part of the landscaping for a build.  hmm.  Thank you so much, Debora!  :D

Jasper helped unwrap, of course.

I also picked up two fun eBay items for Milo Valley Farm this past week...a compressor and a drill press.  These are heavy items, but there are no maker marks.

Online Miniature Show - now open

by brae  

The online miniature show is open to all today and runs through August 14.  Come on by!  :D  Here are a few of the new items listed.

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