Fire Hydrant

by brae  

One of the items on my mini wish list has been found!  It's the discontinued fire hydrant by Dee's Delights.  It's so red!!!  :D

It's a remarkably detailed and realistic piece, and it's a shame these are no longer made.  Luckily, Mary's Miniatures had two of them for me -- one for The Brownstone and one for my stash in case an idea strikes.  :D

I've used the gas and electric meters from the same line for the Haunted Heritage, and those are still available on the mini market.

Ah, it really is the little things.  :]

Getting things done...

by brae  

Working back soon. :D

La Vache Qui Rit

by brae  

That is one of my favorite things to say in my very rusty French -- laughing cow.  And, it's the name of a wonderful cheese!  :D

This mini cracker and Laughing Cow cheese set comes from I Love Mini Things.  Here I've placed the cheese on a plate by A Lavender Dilly.  The tray and pitcher are gifts from Barbara, and the canning jars are from Keli.

Barbara also sent me some yoga posing frogs and garden tools.

There are also some copper buckets, pitchfork and lantern from Barbara.  Some of these things will end up aged for the barn, but some will be saved for other projects.  :]

Thank you, Keli and Barbara!  :D

Milo Valley Farm - random farm junk, part 1

by brae  

I picked up an interesting lot on eBay and included was a roll-away bed.  We had one of these when I was young (might still be in my parents' garage for all I know).  It was a weird grey green, but it was just like this.

It's a super cute of those random bits from the past.  I know they still sell these, but they just scream vintage to me.

To me, it looks best closed up.  When open, it loses some of its realism mainly because the mattress isn't really working for me.  Endora seems to think it's just peachy as is.  :D  Crazy cats.

Don't gasp, but when I first saw it online I thought I'd like to paint it.  Now, I do like it in the silver, to a point.  I would have to be careful since there are so many working parts.  It might be best to use a product that will simply darken of the metal.  There are some sharp parts that will need to be sanded so I don't cut myself even if I don't change the color.

I will make a new mattress for it with fabric in better scale.  It would be nice to display new and old, so I will make one of each type of mattress.  Here is the ratty Baslow Ranch mattress just to try.  Better, though I do want one in ticking stripe.  :D

These always make me think of an asylum, too.  Maybe I'll need to make a creepy room box someday.

In other random barn junk, Keli made me two crates full of delightfully grungy barn items.  Her husband even made a pair of working battery cables, and though the clips are too large for scale, they are fun!

Her crusty, leaking battery might just get me a fine from the EPA.  :\

Her bike pump is simply awesome!

Thank you, Keli!  :D #HBSCreatinContest2015

Milo Valley Farm - a pictorial review

by brae  

I'm starting the overview post so I can keep adding the "best of" photos along the way.  :D  This post will change as the build progresses.

Many images in this post can be clicked to view larger.  To see a list of posts showing details on how I made things or what materials I used, as well as more pictures, click this link.

Milo Valley Farm is built from Denise's City Cottage, which is the HBS Creatin' Contest kit this year, but I will not be entering this build since the kit was a free gift from HBS as part of their blogger outreach campaign.  HBS has also set up a Pinterest board for my build as well as boards for all the other bloggers participating in their outreach campaign.  I don't typically post to Pinterest, but I will update the board.

The idea behind the build is making a barn find!  :D  Here are two great examples of the look I'm going for: a 1961 Jaguar E-type and a 1952 Barn Find Cunningham C-3 Coupe #5209.  Barn finds can be quite sad looking at first sight but turn into cash cows and museum gems.  I love this Charger, too, but I am going to make a before barn find car, not an after.  :]

I've made the structure narrower but added to the depth.

I made these changes to accommodate the 1:12 scale Tamiya Datsun 240ZG.  :D

I added a taller foundation and used builders foam for the main landscaping base.

The foundation is covered with aquarium pebbles.

The siding is applied using templates.

I've named this build Milo Valley Farm after my current hamster friend.

While building, I've taken some time to make some minis for the old barn like these 1:12 scale license plates.  :D

I made a delightfully disgusting bathtub to plant in the landscaping.  Herbert the frog is by Amanda Skinner.

I love that the tub looks like heavy cast iron that's seen better days.  :D

These fabulous miniature cinder blocks were sent to me as a free sample from Mini Materials.

This is Friedrich, and he will live on Milo Valley Farm.  He is incredibly realistic, made by the talented micksculptures724 on eBay, the same artist who made Sherwood.  I love his little bear pose.  :]

more to come... #HBSCreatinContest2015

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