Making a custom door, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the custom door.  I glued the middle layer to the back layer.   I changed my mind about the larger opening, concerned that the front or back might bow between the window openings.  To help, I glued some scrap pieces of the veneer between the circles.  There will then be three small squares of acrylic, still easier than cutting circular glass inserts to fit.  :]

Since the front and back pieces are different types of wood, they have different textures.  I spread spackling over the front to even out the grain.  I also lined the interior of the circles and filled in any nicks in the wood on both sides from the cutting process.

Once dry, I sanded the pieces smooth.

I'll need to paint it before further assembly, so I'm going to leave this here for now.  I need to choose my colors.  :]

Contacts and a dye job

by brae  

Okay, the three dark brown horses now have light eyes, manes and triangle detailing.  One of them has an observable tail, but the new light color would have blended with the grey horse's legs to the right so I stitched that in the same brown as the body.  :]

I can now forge ahead....

Making a custom door, part 1

by brae  

I'm making more holes.  :D  I want a custom door for the Creatin' Contest build, so today I tackled cutting the basic pieces.  The door will have three circular windows, so I opted for a layer cake building method -- a front piece with the three holes, a thinner middle piece with a section cut out for the acrylic insert, and a back piece with the three holes.

Since the windows will measure 5/8" in diameter, I needed a tool other than the circle cutting guides for the Dremels.  I bought a set of spade bits at the local Ace Hardware.

These fit into a standard drill.

I didn't feel like building a door frame, so I started with a Houseworks door.  The insert here won't go to waste since I'd like to make another working pocket door at some point.

Using a circle template, I drew my layout on the top board.  This was made from a spare piece of 1/8" Greenleaf kit plywood.

The back piece was made from 1/16" basswood and the middle piece from 1/32" birch veneer.  Shown below from left to right: middle, back and front.

I taped the pieces together to cut all three at once.

The spade bits are great because they have a sharp center tip that makes it easy to line up more than one circle cut.

The pointed spurs on the edges cut the circular edge as the middle point drills down.

I vacuumed the dust and bits and it looked good from the top.

While I did use a spare board under the bottom piece to save the wood from splintering, it was the middle basswood piece that didn't end up working.  :\  It was the softest wood of the three.

I also messed up the plywood piece and had to redo it, but that wasn't related to using the spade bits.  I cut another front piece from a spare part from Walnut Bay Light.  :D

I cut another piece of basswood and cut it on its own, which worked a little better.  I then used the Houseworks door to mark the outer edges of the door.  I waited to do this until after the holes were cut just in case the circles didn't work, just to save time, and I'm glad I did.

I then cut around the circles in the middle layer so I have to use only one piece of acrylic for the window inserts.

As expected, all three pieces will need some cleaning up during construction, but I'm on the right track now.  :D

So far, so good.  :]

I'm just fooling myself

by brae  

This past week, I was going through some old photos to make a photo book of my mini collection.  I do strive for realism in my photos, but in viewing the thumbnails from one folder I even fooled myself!  haaaaaaaaaa!  Since I used to own a silver Audi TT, I thought a photo of my actual garage had been misfiled.  But, it's the Newport garage with the 1:14 scale remote control car.  :D

I'm busy making minis...just nothing I can show you.  :\  The sneaks will be very sparse on this build.  I'll have to dig out a few projects to make on the side.

Griffin box

by brae  

I've been busy with other things, but tonight I had a little time and the itch to make a mini.  :D  I went into my box of small kits and took out the griffin box from Lisa's Little Things bought at one of the local shows.

The pieces are already separated and ready for assembly.

I assembled the lower box and then brushed on Liquitex silver paint.  The instructions recommend a sponge brush and lightly sweeping across the raised areas.  I was so-so at it.  :D  I got a little silver on the inner portions.

I added a red paint wash to the recessed areas to bump up the richness of color.  After the painting, I glued the top in place.

It's a great kit and super easy to put together.  The results look very rich.

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