Bishop Show April 2022, day 2

by brae  

I went back to Chicago International on Sunday and found a few more treasures.

MiniGio. I rounded out the potholder collection with the cactus set.

Taller Targioni. A wee rabbit dressed for cooler weather and a tiny owl figurine.

Lilliput Land. Delightful wood turnings by Bertie Pittman.

Heidi Ott. Always a wonderful selection of lighting, fabrics, doll clothing and accessories.

Ferranti Miniatures. A lovely green glass bottle. I just love this shape!

Laser Creations. I have no idea why I need popcorn containers, but I do. What sold me is they are laser cut, so just a quick snip here and there to release from the page.

They have a wonderful selection of laser cut wood inserts for Houseworks traditional working windows as well as for single and double French doors. I will definitely be shopping here again. The fit is perfect.

Small Things Bright & Beautiful. A fabulous folk art piggy bank.

Puppenstübchen. I looked at this egg sign on Friday but didn't get one. There was only one left on Sunday, so I figured it was meant to be.

Bishop Show April 2022

by brae  

First time since 2019!!!  So good to be there and see so many people again. Chicago International is running through tomorrow so there is still time to shop if you're in the Chicagoland area.

Lamis Minis. I hopped right up to Pia's table first, because I wanted bunnies!  I was second in line, so after the first person shopped (not for bunnies), I was able to go just a bit bonkers.

I picked up a skunk (not shown here) for a friend who could not attend the show and got the mom and baby for myself.

I also picked up a snail for another friend and got a mouse and a snail for myself. Poor Pia had to do a lot of rearranging after all that.

Jane Graber. I usually visit Jane's table right away as well, but this time it was three people deep and all the way across. The booth looked like locusts had swept through. I did go back and was able to pick one bowl and mug.

Puppenstübchen. Last time, they had a great deal more kits.

But, their finished accessories and furnishings are also lovely.

Castle Crafts. New kits here, but I also picked up some that I didn't already have. The suitcases came in different colors, and the papers included were shown on the back. Very easy to go through and see what you'd like.

They also had these lovely baskets of mushrooms.

Arjen Spinhoven. I always enjoy seeing Arjen, and I believe this was his first time at the Bishop Show. I was happy to see his table was very busy every time I passed by.

Ulus Miniaturas. Considering my real life purchase not long ago, the tape dispenser made the most sense. And where there's tape, there's glue.

MiniGio. I bought the pineapple set awhile back but bought the watermelon set at the show.

Bindels Ornaments. Another vendor I always enjoy seeing. They have the best selection of bits and bobs as well as packaged kits and lots of examples on what you can make.

Oiseau deNim. I have known Peiwen through blogging for years, but this was the first time we've met in person. We giggled and hugged, and it was so wonderful! :D  She makes the most amazingly detailed tiny miniatures and sells molds for you to make things yourself.

Creations by Lynette. Lynette is not only a talented ceramics maker but was a delight to meet!

Chris Toledo Miniatures. Seeing photographs of his work is one thing, but if you ever can get to a show where he has his roomboxes, you must go. The attention to detail and wonderful finishes are top notch! What's especially wonderful is you can purchase some of his fixtures as DIY. :D

Véronique Lux. I love her storybook animals. :D

Menutmon Kits. They didn't have many kits with them, though they are available on the website.

Dragonfly International. I always find goodies at this table.

Chicago Spring Showcase of Miniatures April 2022

by brae  

The Chicago Spring Showcase of Miniatures is on through today, so you still have time to shop if you're in the Chicagoland area.

T&D Miniatures and Dollhouses. Vases, and a fox in a scarf that I didn't know I needed. :D

Wellies for Fern!

These might be old stock. They were in a bag stapled to a piece of cardboard, and I saw only the one pair. They are smaller than the usual rain boots I see for dollhouses and therefore perfectly sized for Fern. Umbrella by FranMadeMinis.

Mini Mansions. Brass match holder with long matches. The brass has a marvelous patina.

Suzanne's Dollhouses & Miniatures. I've seen this piece in mahogany before but never blonde wood. The lighter color shows off the lines so well.

Mod Pod Miniatures. Retro cat wall clock.

Jo Anne Roberts. Always a great selection of fabrics.

And a bin to find treasures.

A Little More in Miniatures. I just love the floral arrangements at this shop. They also sell the pieces/supplies to make your own as well, including the chairs with the pots just waiting for plants.

Dollhouse Auctions & Sales. This was a fun table of random bits. I especially liked the mini packaged toys. There was a lot to choose from.

KMWohrstein. I swear I had an anvil, but I must have put it in a safe place. Now I have another. The toolbox opens and is clearly marked in case there's any confusion. :D

I love this small shop vac. Perfect for when you don't want to drag out the big beast.

Bunny pull-toy

by brae  

I found these kits at a local mini show years ago. Each kit comes with all the things you need and detailed instructions.

I added wood pieces for the hands and a bead for the pull rope. I skipped the whiskers, because I worried it would ruin his face if there were any mishaps, but I've since painted the tiny heart on his chest like the kit drawing. :D

It was a fun, quick and cute project!

The Porch - progress so far

by brae  

Let's get caught up with the Creatin' Contest 2022! Here's a reminder of the Welcome All Porch kit out of the box.

I changed the pitch of the porch roof to reduce the amount of roof surface facing forward. I cut two new triangles to support the two ends and cut a piece of plywood to serve as the porch soffit. A third triangle was cut later to finish the side wall support. With the lesser pitch, I was able to cut down a bit of the overall height as well.

I used bamboo sticks to finish the ceiling and floor, omitting any boards where the bamboo nodes (knots) would be visible. This material is less expensive than strip wood and creates a lovely finish once stained and sealed. After some trial and error, and paint washes, I ended up with a whitewash natural ceiling and a grey wash natural floor.

I've used 3/8" clapboard siding and plan an egg carton brick foundation. The lattice was cut from a 24" laser cut strip by Alessio Miniatures. I had to add strip wood to make it the right height, but it's a lot quicker than making my own. I'll be adding more trim and a corner support. As you can see, I've also added two small side walls to give the illusion of a full structure.

As usual, I do a lot of my work in dry fit, not gluing until necessary.

I used some vintage What's Next asphalt shingles for the roof.

Next up is adding that last bit of siding to the side wall, then lights, painting and assembly.

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