Sleeping blog...

by brae  

It will be time to wake up my sleeping blog soon!  We'll be moving into our new space shortly, so I hope to be up and running in no time!  I miss minis and blogging.  :]

P.S. That's not the actual moon...more on that later.  :D

Cutting circular openings

by brae  

I recently picked up a new attachment for my Dremel rotary tool: a circle cutter and straight edge guide.  In this post, I'll show you its circle cutting capabilities.  This makes circles from 3/4" to 12" in diameter.

I'm using scrap pieces of 1/4" plywood here to get a feel for the tool the first time around.  I've marked my outer circle and the center point.

I loosened the guide and adjusted the cutting bit to fit the circle.

The attachment has a pin that is 1/8" in diameter.   I drilled a hole on the center point using the same sized drill bit.  You also use the same sized cutting bit, so a hole is needed for the bit as well.

You slip the pin into the center hole and then cut around the circle with the cutting bit.

This is my fourth practice run, and I've managed a reasonably clean circular opening.  Just a little sanding to fine tune it is needed.  Hooray!  :D

It was not easy (and it's very loud), but I am sure with practice (and earplugs) it will get better.  And, you're left with a better opening than you could achieve with a scroll saw or hand tools.


by brae  

Last week, I was at the pet store and just had to go by the hamsters.  :]  I was looking at the Robo hamsters when one little guy in the next bin over came up to the glass.  I just melted.  :D  I've named him Milo, and he has the sweetest disposition.  He likes to be picked up and cuddled.

He's a Russian hamster, so slightly larger than the dwarf breeds I usually have.  Here he is nibbling a morsel on his first day home.

What's in Your Attic?

by brae  

Real Good Toys is having a mini mini contest.  :D  The kit is a pre-finished tower attic room.

I have some big plans for this tiny room.

We have until November 9, so not that long.

The Haunted Heritage in Miniature Collector

by brae  

First, thank you for all the kind words about Sydney's passing.  It means a great deal to me.  :]

I have news!!!  The Haunted Heritage has not only been featured in the October 2014 edition of Miniature Collector, it made the cover!!!  :D

Miniature Collector, October 2014

I was so excited when the writer contacted me about writing an article on the Heritage and even more excited when Miniature Collector accepted our work.  I had no idea my beloved house would grace the cover.

Many of you also pop over to my sewing blog to see me in my creations, but here I am with the Heritage.  The camera was giving me fits with the autofocus (I was taking the photo solo with a tripod), and I ended up with an "alright already" look on my face.  Oops.  :D


I wrote a tutorial for my folding suitcase valet, which is featured as well.  :]

Thank you so much to Renee Biermann for writing a splendid article and to the staff at Miniature Collector for the feature and amazing cover!

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