Fishy Bench

by brae  

This week I assembled the Fishy Bench kit by Robin Betterley. I removed as much of the laser soot as possible and stained the wood Driftwood by Minwax.

I opted for a fabric seat cushion instead of the included artwork. I like the way it mimics the fin stripes.

This was such a fun kit to build.

Beatrix Potter vintage books

by brae  

This Beatrix Potter book set from Art of Mini makes 20 books, but I have finished only 10 so far.

I love the vintage, well-loved look.

Happy New Year 2022

by brae  

I spent some time over the New Year weekend making a mini scene and cleaning up my workspace for new projects. I'm excited to work on new minis for myself and for sale. :]

Chester the cat by 2014erok; sideboard by Minterior; sunflower blanket by Gweaneth's Dream; slippers by Freedom Miniatures; mouse toy by A. Smith Arts; bacon sandwich by Sugar Charm Shop; grapes by Rina Vellichor; mug by Woodland Trail Whimsy; water bottle from Shepherd Miniatures; painting by Ferris & Bueller; coffee table by minisx2.

A Coral Pink Christmas, part 5

by brae  

Wishing you a very Merry Coral Pink Christmas! I finished just under the wire.

I had so much fun playing and digging through my stash for retro inspired minis! :D

I opted for silver thread from my stash of sewing supplies. For being so fine, the thread is very strong and easy to work with.

I glued the strings to the tree since the ornament beads are heavy and would not stay put on their own.

Here's the new tree base to replace the original wood round. Just some scrap basswood cut to fit and glued to the center wire.

I used a tree skirt and presents from past scenes since I didn't have time to make something new.

The retro clock (and the wood cats) were made by the talented Cyd of Mod Pod Miniatures.

Sideboard from Minterior. Sunflower afghan by Gweaneth's Dream. Bear in red hoodie by Obscurely Small; pink bear by LugArt Petit. Calico cat by Paizley Paws. Snowman figure by Sherry Moller; plant pot snowman from Just Miniature Scale. Egg nog punch bowl and cups by Sue's Little Things. Pink vase by Lorie Marsh. Doily from Stewart Dollhouse Creations. Coffee table by minisx2. Wrapped dollhouse by A Pocket Full of Wishes.

A Coral Pink Christmas, part 4

by brae  

Continuing work on the two coral pink Christmas trees. On a side note, I had a big project come up in the past month, so I won't be able to make two trees. I do still plan to make a second to sell, but it might not be this year.

In getting back to the tree I had started, I did make a quick change to the lighting. I'm still using warm white string lights from Evan Designs, but I swapped out the 3V 26-light string for the 7-19V 26-light string (listed as 6-18V 26-light string on the website). The reason for this is the 7-19V string has a smaller circuit pack than the AA battery holder. I can make a faux gift box to hide the circuit more easily.

I used a 9V battery while working, though this string can be plugged into the 12V dollhouse system. The lights are plenty bright with the 9V battery. The switch can be purchased from Evan Designs as well.

I opted for the silver Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille for the garland, tacking it in place with light glue here and there.

We are ready for ornaments now.

The various tones of the ornaments should work well with the pink and silver.

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