Quilling kits for sale and cat update

by brae  

I posted about some quilling kits I inherited in a previous post.  I've finally gotten around to posting the ones I don't plan to keep on eBay.  Come on by and see if there is something you like.  These are vintage kits but complete and sealed.


Things with the cats have not gone well.  Violetta hates Jasper.  :[  No one hates Jasper, and he warmed to her soon after the initial shock of having her in his space.  If it were just discord, it might work out in time, but Jasper got life-threateningly ill over last weekend.  He might have picked something up from her or it could have been a coincidence.  He is on the mend, but I can see him withdraw when Vi is running about the house.  So, I'm working with the shelter to get Vi a new home with a close friend of mine.  She's thriving here in the house, even though she has been separated in the guest room so Jasper can recover in peace.  I hate the thought of returning her to the shelter, so I hope we can get her set up at my friend's house.  I think she will be a fabulous fit for him, and she will be able to be the only cat and a Miss Queen Bee.  :]  It's been a rough week, but I see a good solution for both kitties as well as my friend and me.

Luciana Violetta di Quattro Formaggi

by brae  

Or, Vi (vee) for short.  :D  We have a new housemate!  Violetta is a rescue kitty, roughly seven years old and very affectionate.  She doesn't talk much yet, except for many loud protests in the carrier while driving.  She has some hair loss, either from a flea allergy (she was treated for a bad case of fleas in the past) or just stress grooming.  Perhaps a quiet and stable household will help.

Her shelter name was Luciana, but I changed it to Violetta.  I joked that her full name is Luciana Violetta di Quattro Formaggi, named for my favorite type of pizza.  :D

She's set up in the guest room, though Jasper did have a quick peek at her.  There was some hissing from him, which surprised me since he's been good with other cats.  No matter, since she will stay in the guest room and we'll introduce the two slowly.  :]  Right now, she's hiding under the guest bed for a respite as I type but she's been sweet and curious toward me so far.  I hope the slow introduction will work well, and the two kitties will be fast friends in the long run.

The Miniature Show - debut

by brae  

This was the first year of The Miniature Show, so we headed there in the morning.  The main part of the ballroom had a large center where the show organizer, Swan House Miniatures, displayed wares from various artists, each labeled with a name card.  Around the outer walls, there were individual vendors, some first timers.

I finally got to meet Jennifer of Looking Glass Miniatures after having known her from the Greenleaf Dollhouses forum for years.  :D  She sells old letters, boxes, books, kits and Harry Potter related items.  All excellent quality.

Tiny Ceramics -- gorgeous designs, thin tiles in perfect scale.  I bought two bunny tiles and two plain white tiles to make a plant stand topper.

Just Miniature Scale.  I've bought from her online store before.  She had a lot of Halloween and Christmas items, and I couldn't pass up this wonderful snowman.

St. Leger -- they had the most amazing working automata as well as vintage tools and house accessories.  I bought a mop bucket, something I've been seeking for awhile now.

A successful round of shows again this year.

Bishop Show 2016 - Preview Day 1

by brae  

Went to the Bishop Show today.  My main mission was to buy a lucky bamboo from Lamis Minis.   Mission accomplished!  :D

Michael of Atomic Miniature had two especially wonderful projects -- an IKEA catalog scene.

And, an old motorcycle with a little mouse by Beth Freeman-Kane.

64tnt Miniatures.  She had so many wonderful veggies, pumpkins, potion jars and candles with these adorable faces.

Art Forge - beautiful bronze and silver pieces.  Here are the kingfisher and horse bust.

Miniature Atelier 2CV.  Wonderful hardware.

Jane Graber pottery.  Her booth is always mobbed but well worth the wait.  :D

Véronique Lux -- super cute storybook animals.

Red Dragon Pottery -- a wide variety of finishes, textures, shapes and sizes.  Simply stunning pottery.

Tiny Ter Miniatures.  Cookies...enough said.  :D

More minis tomorrow!  :D

3 Blind Mice - 2016, day 1 of mini shows

by brae  

I made the rounds at the 3 Blind Mice Show this evening and found a good selection of minis and supplies.  First stop was Greg's table All About Miniatures, featuring a vast display of JBM Miniatures and many supplies for landscaping, building and finishing.  He has a huge display of wallpapers and trims right now, so I grabbed some railings for my stash.

I met Alex from the Greenleaf Forum.  Her shop Botiny Miniatures has a lovely range of fine plants.  I picked up an olaxis plant and a venus fly trap.  Now I need 1:12 scale flies.  :D  The piggy bank was from the front hall table, but there was no name on the receipt.

Hartland Miniatures.  Always a ton of goodies here!  First, a stoneware platter and bowl.

Candy dish and bowl of nuts (well, they called it a birdfeeder...but it looks like a bowl of nuts to me).

Mini Decorators.  They have great fabrics and great selection of random minis.

Designs by Janet.  I keep building houses, so I keep needing new welcome mats.

A light shopping evening, but I also picked up some things for friends I can't show.  ;]  Tomorrow, it's the Bishop Show Preview!

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