Sydney at the Rainbow Bridge

by brae  

My little hamster friend Sydney crossed the Rainbow Bridge tonight.  He developed a large tumor a few months back but continued to move around, run in his wheel (until a few days ago) and seemed to have no pain.  He was unsteady on his feet in his final days, and this morning I knew the time was near.  He was slightly cold to the touch and taking shallow breaths.  When I returned home tonight, he had made his way back into his wood hut and died peacefully sometime today.  He looked as though he were sleeping.  I could not have wished a kinder passing for him.

Here he is on his first day with me.

And, here he is snoozing away not too long ago, a little old guy.

I'm sorry he won't see our new home, but I feel like he gave me a wonderful gift tonight.  On the way home this evening, there was a beautiful sunset and I had the most amazing feeling of utter peace.  I even said Thank You aloud.  I'm sure it was his message to me.  Goodbye, my sweet friend...see you someday!  :]

Bishop Show - Fall 2014

by brae  

The smaller Bishop Show is in town this weekend, so I popped in for the preview show last night.  Here are some of the goodies I brought home.

Wild rabbit from Weazilla.  Jessica had a wonderful selection of realistic animals, toys and curiosities.  I'm going to need a vegetable garden for this cute fella.

Creamsicle cocktails from Karen Aird Miniatures.  She had a huge table of miniatures in a wide variety of themes and categories.

I'd love to have this in real life!  And, it's a good thing I bought this shutter table at the show because all the ones I already have are packed and I would have had nothing to use in these photos.  :D

Tin Man and Mr. Scarecrow from Sir Thomas Thumb.  I got these incredibly cute dolls because they remind me of my friend Blondie.  :D

I think Mr. Scarecrow needs a chiropractor.  :D  I'll have to see if I can give him an adjustment so he stands tall.

Watermelon bowls from The Little Dollhouse Company.  I always enjoy seeing Maria and John, and they have such wonderful miniatures.

I have a set of small bowls like these in real life; only mine have the seeds painted inside.  :]

Closing a door...

by brae  

Half of the journey is complete.  We closed on the selling of our condo yesterday, and now we continue the process of purchasing a new home.  In the meantime, my parents have guests.  :D

I thought I would share the photos of my old home as a fitting tribute to a wonderful home that I enjoyed immensely for 10 years.

We switched out the kitchen and dining room lights before listing to enjoy the old ones in the new home.  These photos show the ones that we're keeping.

There's Jasper under the coffee table photo bombing the listing photos!  :D

When I moved in 10 years ago, there was a huge side by side washer dryer set and nothing else.  I had the stackable set installed and put up shelving.  I also put in new peel and stick vinyl tile to cover the old dated vinyl tile.  :]

I will miss the ice cream social color scheme of the bathroom -- might have to recreate that in mini.  :D

Rubber ducky!!

This was the dollhouse room, but a daybed took the stage for the listing photos.  Baslow Ranch is the only house that stayed behind during the showings.  :]

I'm looking forward to a cozy master bedroom with a private bath.  :D

I've missed minis and blogging.  Soon, I hope...soon!  :D

You've got to move it, move it!

by brae  

Ok...we've sold the current place and have a contract on a new one.  First, we have to be out of here in less than three weeks.  Second, the other doesn't close until two and half weeks after that.  So my parents are going to have guests for about a month.  I'd like to have the place painted before moving anything into it, so everything will stay in storage while that is completed.

As expected, packing has commenced!  Been doing some weeding out in the process, too.  And, everyone is doing their part.  :D

I'll be around off and on...and should be back in full swing around mid September.  Did I mention I'll have a large dedicated workspace?  =sigh=

Mr. Rat is a beautifully handmade character from Candyfleece in the UK.

Cathode Ray Tube

by brae  

Found this fun little gem on etsy while searching for mini television sets.  I've always liked the Hallmark ornament versions, but those can be pricey.  This is a plastic salt and pepper set, but the size is great for a dollhouse retro TV.

The shakers look like speakers when in place, and you can't see them from the front.  You turn the knob to lift the shakers.

This set is in great shape, so I don't think it was ever used on a tabletop.

Even the box is in great condition.

It shows you how to operate the shaker.

And, there's a note about putting a photo in front of the screen.

All it needs is rabbit ears!  :D

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