The Nine Horses - 4.75 hours

by brae  

I have begun stitching on The Nine Llamas Horses using 32ct Jobelan fabric in parchment.  I'm using two strands of DMC floss and using the tent stitch (half cross stitch).  I'm changing my colors from the original as I usually do and am planning to leave off the flower and box detail as well.  This is 4.75 hours of work.  Needlepoint goes twice as fast as cross stitch.  :D

So, now my friends and I are thinking these aren't llamas at all...but horses given the long tails.  :D

Seeking elusive llamas

by brae  

I've mentioned before that I save things in an inspiration folder.  Quite a few years ago, I ran across a mousepad with an image of needlepoint llamas on it.  It was cute, so into the file it went.

Then I made this llama rug from a pattern from Exquisite Miniatures in Cross Stitch and Other Counted Thread Techniques by Brenda Keyes.

I thought about that old image, so I looked for the mousepad website again.  I couldn't find it.  I did find this website showing the same image, with the same name as old seller with the mousepads.  I wrote to the person for more info about the origin of the design, but never received a reply.

The image was clear enough and the design simple enough that I was able to draft a pattern to make a miniature reproduction for my personal collection.  That was as far as I got.

Moving has its upside in that you find stuff you forgot about.  :D  As I was sorting out needlework patterns, I ran across my llama pattern.  I went back to the website with the photo of the needlework and found another website for the artist.  I've written to her again, so maybe I'll find out more about it there.

In the meantime, I also did a new google search and a different image of the llamas showed up.  There was one at an auction house (upper right photo on this page).  I have no idea if this is related to the mousepad seller or not.  I don't even know if it is a one of a kind work or if there was a pattern for it way back when.

But, I am forging ahead and will make myself one in miniature.  If anyone has any information on it, please let me know!  I'm always diligent about attributing sources and would love to know where this came from.


by brae  

No, not my giveaway, but two fabulous ones!

First, Keli has been canning like a mad woman and is giving away some of her wares.  :D

And, Keli led me to the beautiful work of Adriana, who is giving away a lovely artist's kit.

The Work Space

by brae  

Ok, I am 85% done organizing.  The work space is pretty much usable at this point, though I'm still sorting supplies so it will be slow going if I have to look for something.  That's Benjamin Moore Harbor Haze on the walls.

The work table is an IKEA STORNÄS dining table with the leaf in it.  It was pricey, but I know it is sturdy enough for the heaviest of builds and shakes minimally with the scroll saw going.

I added a swag lamp over the work table.  It doesn't have the most attractive hanging method, but it takes a 100W bulb and offers great lighting.

Behind the work table is my desk and hutch as well as an older IKEA low bookcase.  The bookcase has my stereo so I can listen to music or audiobooks.  I've left space on the second shelf for minis in progress.  I have the switch for the swag lamp taped in place behind the shelf, too.

On the left is my antique sewing cabinet and Singer 401A and on the right is the IKEA LEKSVIK buffet.  There's room to the left of the machine for my dressmaker's model as needed.  It's in one of the lower closets here to keep the dust and cat hair off of it.  :]

I love this machine.  :D  It was my grandmother's.

The buffet holds tools, paints and glues mostly.  Here's an old photo to show the detail.

On the short wall is the Round Bookcase from World Market, purchased during a very good sale!  Right now it's holding a few things to keep Jasper off of it.  He doesn't get into spaces or onto places that are occupied, but if something is empty, all bets are off.

There's a space at the foot of the stairs that could easily hold a thin cabinet, so I'll be on the prowl for something suitable.  Something for paints, tools, etc.

Since this is a lower room, I bought an electric heater for the colder days.  :]  It should be divine down here on hot days in the summer, though.  The flooring is cork (great for standing on for longer periods); it was installed by the previous owner and I left it as is during the renovations upstairs.

I have most of my supplies and minis in the upstairs closets.  I'll bring down what I need for any given project.  There is room under the work table for keeping things I need at hand.

The houses live upstairs, one in the guest room -- Baslow Ranch.

The remaining are in their own room -- Walnut Bay Light and Baxter Pointe Villa.

The Artist's Studio, The Haunted Heritage and The Aero Squadron Lounge.

I'm still cleaning the houses and need to put the minis back in them.  That will also clear up storage space.  :]

The Orchid idea is congealing

by brae  

The inspiration for the Orchid is a small rural house.

Woody's House

As much as I would love to do a small rural house, I have the Country Estate now...and that can be my rural house.

Or the English Country House.

drawing from Decorating & Craft Ideas magazine

So, I was mulling over ideas and I thought: Post Office!!!  :D  Remember the mail cart kit I have?

To make something like this:

image from The Smithsonian

Of course, the Orchid might be too large to fill with just mail related I started thinking about a General Store/Post Office with an apartment upstairs.  Unlike Baslow Ranch, I think I'd do more of a "new" antique stepping back in time when the old things were new.

I have a lot of minis that would lend well.

from true2scale

from Karen Aird Miniatures

from Wildwood Dollhouse & Miniatures

Walmer bookcase from All About Miniatures

from Jane Graber

work in progress Chrysnbon stove

Of course, I'm still thinking, so who knows?!!  :D

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