Milo Valley Farm - old time metal sign

by brae  

I can't take credit for the sign other than the discovery at Hobby Lobby.  It's a magnet and the surface has embossed detailing.  They had several kinds of old time logos and signs, but I stuck with the Texaco brand from my other accessories.  No reason for the preference.  It's been an unplanned theme.  :D   #HBSCreatinContest2015

Another grail find - vintage table fan

by brae  

A long time ago, I saw this lovely image at Hither, Thither and Yon.  I fell in love with the vintage table fan by The Kummerows.  I did a quick search back then and found nothing, so into the inspiration file it went.  Fast forward to now, and I believe I've found one of these originals on eBay.  I've asked the original fan artisan if this is their work and am waiting to find out.  It's so much like the inspiration photo that it just has to be.  :D

This is one of those great pieces that will likely make the rounds in many houses and scenes.  :D

The Nine Horses - 38.5 hours

by brae  

I finished the stitching portion of The Nine Horses tapestry, for a total of 38.5 hours of work.  :]  I still need to trim the fabric, turn the edges and do the final finishing.  It's currently 4" x 3.5", and the measurements won't change much from that with the edge finishing.

Half cross-stitch, 32ct Jobelan.  Design based on a vintage original (see this post).

Looking out the round window

by brae  

If you recall, I made cuts I made to the base kit, and now you can see the finished window.  :]   #HBSCreatinContest2015

The brickwork is made from wood.

From orange brick to dark flagstone

by brae  

I've painted and painted and glazed and glazed the egg carton pavers.  The glaze (paint mixed with Americana Staining Medium) gives the pavers a slight sheen that's really lovely.

We'll see how it looks after it has dried completely to see if there are areas in need of touch-ups.  :]  #HBSCreatinContest2015

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