Bargello benches listed on eBay

by brae  

I've listed the blue-green bargello benches on eBay, shipping worldwide.  :]

Miniature lathe

by brae  

No, I haven't fallen down a rabbit hole never to return.  :D  Life has taken over the past few weeks, but all in positive ways.  In some fun news, friends surprised me with a miniature lathe for my birthday!

They even machined new tools since they didn't feel the included ones were good enough.

Of course, I am super excited but have no idea what I am doing.  Luckily, the gift comes with lessons from the very friends who gave me this marvelous new tool.  Here's the test run my friend did to test it out.

This will help greatly in my pursuit of The Scale Cabinetmaker projects, and I feel positively spoiled rotten!  :D

Watson Mill - door and windows, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the door and windows.  I spray painted four doorknobs and two keyholes in antique bronze since the area for door handles was so narrow.  I had to put the knobs a little off center from one another due to the draft strip down the middle.

I love the way it turned out, though.  :D

Right now, I have the outer trim held on with putty since I'll need to use the curve to mark the shingles as I round the top.  I tried to fix the bad sanding job on the curved portion, but I'm still not happy with it.  So, Gustav will get a climbing vine later on.

The threshold for the door was painted Neutral Grey after a good sanding to droop the middle as though it has been worn over the years.  I'll add some subtle aging once I do the landscaping.

The window I bought from Hobby Lobby would not go back together correctly, even though I was careful to keep the parts in the right order.  I won't put a wonky window in a build I've been so carefully planning. So, while I await a Houseworks replacement in the mail, I will continue working on other parts of the build.  I have a few extra days off for the upcoming long weekend, so I hope to get a lot accomplished.  :]

Bishop Show Chicago Fall 2017

by brae  

It's mini show time again!  I headed to the Bishop Show - Chicago Fall 2017 event tonight and came home with a few goodies.  I also saw the classes for next year's Bishop International Show, so I have some things to consider.  :]

All About Miniatures.  A beautiful JBM Miniatures upholstered stool.

Iklectic Kollectibles.  This beautiful tiny doll is by Ethel Hicks.

The Little Dollhouse Company.  I am a sucker for white ceramics.  :D

Sir Thomas Thumb.  I did not buy these, but they were amazing to see.  Yes, those power tools work!

While I'm at it, I will share the birthday goodies from Debora.  Always in need of small accent tables, and HoM kits are perfect for that!

This delightful box has working hardware.  By Ron Stetkewicz Miniatures.

Rustic piggy.

Working padlock!!!!  :O  I haven't take it out to try it yet.

Owl cane.  The insert reads, "From an owl cane hand-sculpted by Linda Parr (1941-1985)."

Hardware from The Dolls House Mall and Olde Mountain Miniatures.

Hand crafted hammer.

Thanks so much, Debora!  :D

No, you're not imaginging things

by brae  

I have disabled all photos on my blog, which is a bit ridiculous for a tutorial and show-and-tell blog.  I am once again dealing with a difficult Pinterest user who is insisting on pinning every image in my recap posts to Pinterest.  As I was copying countless links to report to Pinterest, I disabled pinning temporarily to catch up.  This person then decided to work around that block and continue pinning.  So, I took my site offline for a bit to stop the pins so I could finish my DMCA report to Pinterest.  Since I figured it would be best to offer an explanation, I put the site back up and just blocked the images.  No images, no pins.

I hope to be back in business soon.

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