Pretty perfume and a place to sit

by brae  

I've been going through my backlog of planned etsy projects and have been listing items in my shop as I get them finished.  :D

Perfume bottles in three colors.

These are made with Swarovski crystals.

I have one playscale chair, a larger size than I usually work with.

A rustic chair.

There are other things in the works, and I'll list those as time permits as well.  :D

Also, I do ship worldwide.  It's hard to keep up with the changing prices, so I don't have shipping charges quoted in the listings themselves.  Just send me an email, and I'll calculate the cost.

What's in the box?!!

by brae  

No, no, Milo...there are no treats in the sea chest.  :\

We had some fun in the barn with only a modest bit of clean up needed afterward.  :O

Milo Valley Farm - the roof, part 1

by brae  

Well, more like "the ceiling" since that's where I will start.  I cut the roof board down since I had narrowed the building.  I had to cut an additional piece for the back since I had made the building deeper.  Interestingly enough, I ended up with an extra roof board since the one that came with the kit originally was damaged so I had enough to cut the extra piece for the back from the same material.

I flipped the board over and marked the side wall and curved beam locations.

I made a template for the board from black paper, transferring the markings for the beams and side walls.

I used the same thin wood strips as I did for the siding to mimic a plank ceiling.  I made sure seams hit where a beam would cover the gap, and I alternated the placement so it wouldn't tend to bend along that break.  I left a tiny bit of room between the boards to allow for the curve.


And, propped in place to check the fit.

Marvelous, but we're not ready to close up just yet.  :] #HBSCreatinContest2015

Office chairs

by brae  

I found a pair of vintage looking chairs that could easily work for my office vignette.  :D 

I found them on eBay, and there are no maker's marks on them.  The bases are plastic and built to swivel.  My best guess on the tops is some sort of clay.  They aren't true approximations of leather, but it looks good to me.  They even have the stitching detail all around the edges.

Cat, how am I supposed to write checks if you're sitting on them?  Yeah, this situation has never happened to me in real life.  ;D

The Quicker Brick

by brae  

No, I will never give up on egg carton brickwork, but I tried an experiment to help a friend out with a brick floor project.  We were thinking egg carton brick, but she has a Beacon Hill and three large floors to fill.  Even with awesome results, cutting egg carton bricks is time consuming and daunting to say the least.

Then the other day I was down a Pinterest rabbit hole, and I ran across an old entry from Tiny Handmade.  The miniaturist had made a wood tile floor from popsicle sticks. I thought, what about skinny sticks?  :D

Skinny sticks are 1/4" wide, have a flat side and rounded edges on the other side. The rounded edges will give a break between the bricks, so I made sure to use that side facing up.  And, as with dating, you also want to weed out the obviously warped ones.

I measured 3/4" bricks and used my Easy Cutter Ultimate to make quick work of cutting.

A little sanding on the edges to get rid of the excess.

I glued them to my sample template (just a piece of black paper without lines).  They have enough variance to make for more realistic looking bricks but are pretty uniform in width to make bricking easy.  Strip wood would be too uniform and you'd have no gaps between the bricks unless you made the rounded edges.

I stippled on Moon Yellow by Americana using a stencil brush, which gave it a subtle texture.  These are going to be relatively smooth bricks compared to the bumpy egg carton material.  If you wanted more surface texture, you could use gel medium dabbed on with a sponge brush before painting.  But, having them nice and smooth will make furniture placement on the surface much easier.  Here the paint is still wet.

Grouting didn't seem necessary as I just made sure there was excess paint in the grooves to cover evenly, but that would be simple enough to add with spackling, grout or other filler.  These would work especially well for a painted brick wall or floor since you aren't going to be able to bend these around a three dimensional object.

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