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The Haunted Heritage at night

by brae  

I spent the evening putting The Haunted Heritage back together.  I never really set it (or the others) back up after the renovation.  I was too busy with Walnut Bay Light.  The dollhouse room is a new grey blue color which works really well for photogra… more »

Last minute mice!

by brae  

I know I'm a little late, but I've added a some paper punch mice and mouse holes to my etsy shop. Since these can fit in a first class envelope, shipping should take only a matter of days in the U.S. You'll receive 30 mice and 10 mouse holes,… more »

The Haunted Heritage in Miniaturas magazine

by brae  

I wasn't sure about writing on this subject, because it is a bittersweet thing for me.  I was surprised to find that The Haunted Heritage was published in the latest issue of Miniaturas magazine, the same publication that featured The Artist's Studio… more »

Vintage sewing patterns

by brae  

Just a quick update - things with the insurance company and contractor are moving along.  Since there is also a condo association with its own insurance company and contractor, things were a little back and forth last week.  This week, the repair and re… more »

Rose rug in punchneedle

by brae  

There were a few unfinished projects for the Heritage, one of which being the replacement rug for either the parlor or the bedroom.  I looked online for a suitable replacement and found this design from and printed out a paper mockup to se… more »

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