In the mood for autumn

by brae  

A friend sent me an inspiration pic of a real life pumpkin flower arrangement. I hope I did it justice in mini.

Dresser by Dollhouse Smithery, black bottle from CW Lubin, doily from Stewart Dollhouse Creations, mouse purchased years ago (unknown vendor).

Scare-way to the Stars

by brae  

I've entered the HBS Halloween Challenge this year with a futuristic take on an old cartoon. Please vote for Bert and his instant skelemingos!

If you haven't seen the original Hare-way to the Stars, I highly recommend it! :D  Watering can (mister bottle) can be found at HBS, and the skeleton flamingos are available in my etsy shop.

Wanted: Grandt Line Spooky Hollow kit

by brae  

I'm seeking a Grandt Line Spooky Hollow kit. If you have one you're willing to part with, please send me an email. :]


Garage door - part 6

by brae  

Continuing work on the garage door. I aged the panel inserts using the same method as the rest of the door.

I thought an old garage door could use a busted window pane, so I drew a bullet hole freehand with an X-Acto blade.

I was rather pleased with how it turned out.

Just one hole in the window and one on the center of the panel. I didn't want the garage to have been used as target practice. :D

Before installing the panes, I did some aging with spray painting, barely catching them with over spray to simulate dirt.

I bought a Cricut Maker after the last post on cutting the window trims. Since there were so many and the Explore didn't cut all the way through, I decided to re-cut with the Maker, and the results were much cleaner. I painted them black and then aged them with charcoal grey acrylic paint to tone down their crispness.

I also installed metal hinges on the back. I supplemented the supplied nails with epoxy.

The door itself is now complete and I can move on to the tracks and motor.

New etsy items

by brae  

In between making old stuff, I've been making new stuff for the shop, too. :D

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