Happy New Year 2020!

by brae  

Wishing you all a Happy New Year filled with joy and creativity!

You might have noticed the absence of the Birds on a Branch rug in the Ivy Hollow Post Office. Once I got past the halfway point with the bird rug, the more I envisioned it in a different space. But, I still plan to continue working on it. Now at 36.5 hours.


Secret Santas

by brae  

I participated in a swap this year with a group of talented and delightful miniaturists. One of my Santas, Corinne, sent me mini mail and a mailbag that appears to have just come off the train. All of it is so perfect.

There were also wartime posters - aged and new for my choosing, and I used three of them in the post office.

She also included Datsun posters, pushing me to get back to building my model car.

She sent me so many great things! I'm beyond thrilled!

I wish Jebediah didn't have his eyes masked in this photo, otherwise he could see how handsome he looks! Thank you, Corinne!

Amanda sent me some minis to brighten Easter, Halloween and Christmas. I've wanted a mini chocolate bunny for a long time, and this one is so perfect with its tiny gold bow.

The record player is amazing -- aged and worn but still operational for when you want to get out the vinyl and enjoy some oldies but goodies! Thank you so much, Amanda!

Making a 1/12 scale horse - recap

by brae  

Here is a recap post on the transformation of a plastic 1:12 scale Breyer Thoroughbred with links to the past posts below.

My horse's name is Jebediah McCants. I looked up the meaning of Jebediah, and it means "beloved friend." McCants is some distant ancestral name, and I thought the names sounded good together. I'm figuring our RFD carrier is Mr. McCants, since the carriers were charged with supplying their own transportation, therefore caring for their own horses.

Part 1 - introduction

Part 2 - removing the plastic mane and tail

Part 3 - removing excess plastic and correcting imperfections, altering nose

Part 4 - forming the new tail base, working with putty

Part 5 - priming

Part 6 - fine-tuning imperfections, final primer and painted details

Part 7 - adding mohair mane and tail

I might redo this part since the color isn't exactly what I wanted, but I do like how it turned out for my first time adding hair to a model horse.

Modeled with a driving harness by Tiki from Kulp Model Horse Store. I plan to make my own harness now that time isn't as tight for the deadline.

Mail Wagon - part 13

by brae  

Continuing work on the mail wagon. While I was painting one day, I went ahead and finished up the wheels. I painted them flat white, then gloss Cherry Red by Krylon.

I joined the front and back cabin assemblies using strip wood along the inside bottom, using spacer boards at the top to keep the front and back assemblies square as I worked.

I installed the floor and then added more support boards underneath.

You can see I added the same scored lines on the bottom to mimic individual boards.

I added strip wood along the top to finish the walls and to fill the gaps on the top and bottom of the doorway. These wagons would have had slightly curved rooftops, but I left mine flat for ease of building. I did add some shaping to the front sides.

I cut a piece of 1/16" thick basswood the exact shape of the ceiling opening.

I cut a roof board from 1/8" thick luan plywood (leftovers from Walnut Bay Light) and covered the edges with thin basswood. I added the 1/16" thick basswood ceiling to the plywood which would allow the roof to sit firmly in place but remain removable. I again scored the basswood to mimic individual boards. Having a removable roof means I can always try my hand a curved roof later. I apparently didn't take progress photos of this part, so here is the roof after painting.

From the inside, it looks solid. :]

From the outside, you can't tell it's not all glued together.

Ivy Hollow - tiny stamps and a postal cat

by brae  

As I was building, the delightfully talented Anna sent me some mini stamps she made. She included real life size prints of the original inspirations as well.

One has a biplane in honor of The Aero Squadron Lounge.

Another has an RFD wagon.

There's even a book to keep them organized for the postmaster. :D

Thank you, Anna, for your wonderful and generous gift!

I've set a few on the ledger from Looking Glass Miniatures. There's also a cat food jar by Jane Graber for when Chester gets the munchies.

And, you know cats do! :D Chester was made by 2014erok. I had so much fun playing in the mini dirt this time around - the landscaping got to be a lot less manicured.

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