Milo Valley Farm - siding, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the siding.  I finished applying the siding strips to the side wall templates, both interior and exterior.

I applied Weldbond glue to the previously primed kit walls to attach the finished templates.  I use scrap pieces of foam, foam board, cardboard, etc. to spread the glue evenly.

Using Staining Medium by Americana, I aged the planks with a mix of grey, brown and black acrylic paints.

The Staining Medium acts somewhat like a glaze, looks a little like an ointment, and makes acrylic paint behave like a liquid stain.  I apply it thinly and then wipe away the excess with a paper towel to reveal the grain.

I did a second pass on the exterior for deeper color and less grain.  I allowed the boards to dry to the touch and then pressed all of the boards under magazines to minimize warping.

I painted the cross beams and door frame with the remaining mixture.  I will do more to these later, but it's a good base coat.

I drilled a hole in the floor board for exiting wires.

After feeding some florist wire through the hole in the foundation, I glued the floor board to the foundation.


Comment from: Blake [Visitor]
I've never seen that staining medium! The walls look great!
05/24/15 @ 18:30
Comment from: Wanda [Visitor]
Love the finish Brae!
05/24/15 @ 18:56

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