Milo Valley Farm - old electrical pole

by brae  

With the knob and tube system installed in the barn, it was time to figure out how to get power there.  Enter the electrical pole.

I started with a 1/2" wooden dowel cut to a proportional size of 16" tall, not exact scale.  I took into consideration the fact that the wires need to clear the barn door to reach the tubes on the side of the barn.  I then brushed on a grey paint stain just in case any glue seeped out during the later steps.  I marred the surface with sandpaper and an awl, then added more washes.

I cut the cross bar from basswood, painted and aged before assembly.  The v-shaped stabilizer was cut from cardboard and painted to look like weathered metal.  I used metal headpins and tiny brads for stability and nail detailing.  I glued green adventurine cone beads onto the side wires and added aging washes.

These are as close to mini glass insulators as I could find.  :D  I picked up the real deal - a Hemingray-9 - at a local estate sale.

This needs to dry completely before I finish up the electrical work.  :]


Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
That looks so authentic - I especially like the little insulators. Wonderful work!
03/03/16 @ 19:16
Comment from: Blake [Visitor]
I love it so much! How exactly did you get that rusted look?? I've been trying to get a similar effect- actually also on cardboard- and I can't get it right!
03/03/16 @ 19:29
Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
Wonderful! It looks great!
03/03/16 @ 19:37
Comment from: Jenny [Visitor]
You never cease to amaze me! Love it! ❤️
03/03/16 @ 20:08
Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
Super cool!!
03/03/16 @ 21:05
Comment from: The Grandmommy [Visitor]  
03/03/16 @ 21:09
Comment from: Kat [Visitor]
Looks amazing. I love the insulators.
03/03/16 @ 21:37
Comment from: BunnyD [Visitor]
Your insulators look fabulous! They used to collect them back home when they found them to put in the window to catch the light with the different colours. I do love your rust washes. Looks great in situ.
03/03/16 @ 21:57
Comment from: Sigrid [Visitor]
Great job ... I love your blog!!!!
03/04/16 @ 01:58
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]
I like it!
03/04/16 @ 10:55
Comment from: Betsy Rogers [Visitor]
Wow, Brae, the "insulators" are just Perfect!!! I used to have a few of those in RL.... they make great paper weights! This project just has so much that is unique and fascinating!
03/04/16 @ 16:33
Comment from: Chris M. [Visitor]
As always Brae, you have managed to come up with something completely unexpected but just perfect. What do you plan to use to simulate the creosote on the pole?
03/04/16 @ 17:57
Comment from: Chris M. [Visitor]
P.S. I especially like how clever you were with the insulators.
03/04/16 @ 17:58
Comment from: Claudia [Visitor]
Love the pole and the real-sized and mini-sized insulators!
03/05/16 @ 08:21

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