Milo Valley Farm - lighting, part 3

by brae  

With the knobs installed on the cross beams, I could wire the 12V lights.  As noted in this post, I ran three wires into the barn -- one more than I thought I would need.  I usually install one extra in case inspiration strikes later, and it has.  More on that later.

Inside the sea chest, there will be a receptacle, which will use one of the wires.  I can plug three light fixtures into the hidden receptacle, though I plan to plug in only two.  That aspect will be addressed in a later post.

I chipped out a portion of the floor beam to run two wires up the wall.

These are hidden by the vertical channel molding that looks like a support beam.

I spliced a length of wire to one of the lead wires and taped it along a route to the front of the building.  This will be for any exterior lighting on the front of the barn. I'll be undecided on that fixture until I get the barn doors installed, but I needed to pull the wire through now.  I can disguise the wire with channel trim whether I use it or not.

I spliced the two lights from each cross beam onto a single length of wire, taping the wires into the channels of the cross beams as I worked.

I fed the front cross beam end wire through a hole drilled in the channel that serves as the horizontal support beam and joined it with the end wire of the back cross beam.

I tacked the vertical support beam to the wall with small dabs of glue, but the horizontal support beam and two cross beams are held in place with tension alone.  The pieces can be snapped out of place if I ever need to address any wiring issues.

I spliced the two cross beam lighting wires to the remaining lead wire.  Once the roof is on, this wiring will be unseen but still accessible through the removable back wall. It would be a cramped space to work in, but it's better than having no access.

You can't see any of the channel wires from the barn door opening.

Next up, continuing the knob and tube system from the cross beams onto the side wall.  :]  We're getting there!

It has been so cold here the past few days, with windchills well below zero.  Jasper is one smart kitty.  He's left the kitty bed and cat tree behind for the comfort of sleeping directly on the heat register.  :D


Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
Well done! And lmao that is one clever kitty!
01/13/16 @ 20:31
Comment from: Jenny Chapman [Visitor]
Love your work, I learn from you all the time, Thanks heaps
01/14/16 @ 04:06
Comment from: BunnyD [Visitor]
Love your channeled beams. Great idea for hiding the wire work. Share the heat Jasper!
01/14/16 @ 05:58
Comment from: Betsy Rogers [Visitor]
Awesome work!!! I Love the old knob and tube wiring you are making! (But hated it in my old house- it had to go!) All your detailed explanations are so helpful... especially to some of us timid types.... how do you know how many lights can be run on one wire????! And that channel molding is something I better get some of! Cute picture of Jasper! Kitties are the smartest! :)
01/14/16 @ 18:50
Comment from: Sigrid [Visitor]
Hello! It looks great !!! But the cat is not in the dollhouse or? Wish you a nice weekend and greetings from Vienna! Sigrid
01/15/16 @ 02:42
Comment from: Janice [Visitor]
Great lighting tips. I love the colour of the wood too, it has a lovely warm feel.
01/16/16 @ 13:55
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>> You can run a good amount of lights on one wire. The main limitation is splicing all the wires together since each light fixture has two end wires. :yes:
01/18/16 @ 14:10
Comment from: Cheverly L [Visitor]
I love those lights! Their shape is so perfect for the space. I had to laugh at Jasper... just imagining that kind of windchill makes me want to crawl behind the curtain onto the register with him! Brrr!!
01/18/16 @ 20:36
Comment from: Thalia [Visitor]
Oh yeah, I've got cats who like to hog all the heat too. :) This isn't a proper miniature, more a virtual miniature, but I made a cat bed for the Sims once that looked just like a floor register. I don't know if anyone ever figured out that it was a cat bed and not just decorative, though.
01/19/16 @ 22:04
Comment from: Monique [Visitor]
beautifully worked away Brae, all the wiring and Jasper is right, so cute how he lies there :D
01/21/16 @ 03:37

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