Ivy Hollow - tree, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the tree. I have the tree painted and detailed, and I separated the foliage branches from two bundles of candytuft. Too bad I can't just say "alakazam" and have the foliage appear on the tree. :\

The trunk is somewhere between grey and brown. I mix at random and fine-tune until I get there since there isn't a good color straight out of the bottle.

The foliage branches next need to have their stem portions painted to match - or relatively close.


Comment from: Sherrill [Visitor]
Your bare tree is so beautiful, it’s a shame to add the foliage. Although, I’m sure it will be lovely when completed.
11/24/19 @ 21:51
Comment from: Sheila Lester [Visitor]
I love the color of your 'leaves'. So hard to get the color of the bark right. I'm amazed at how easy you make it look.
11/25/19 @ 00:53
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>>

I tend to study a lot of tree bark when in traffic on the way to work. :))
01/31/20 @ 14:09

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