Ivy Hollow - tree, part 1

by brae  

I'm working on another tree this year. I'm using the same wire and putty technique I've used in the past for the trunk - notes at the bottom.

The first layer of putty is on with at least one more to go, where I will add texture.

I like how the tall tree forces the perspective. Jebediah looks more in scale with the tree in place.

I plan to use candytuft for the foliage. This is autumn gold candytuft from Scenery Solutions - 4 bundles.


Notes: Link to my last big tree - follow the links in the first sentence back through the process.

A good starting source if you can find it is the DVD Master Miniaturists: Landscaping Primer with Diane Myrick. I got mine through interlibrary loan. This whole series is just awesome! 

The tutorial by Connie Sauve on using candytuft for the foliage. I doubt I will go back to using individual leaves again unless I want a specific type of tree where candytuft won't work. :]


Comment from: Debora L. [Visitor]
I really like the structure of this tree and agree about the perspective with the horse. it will be lovely in the autumn colors.
11/11/19 @ 19:55
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
Oh that's going to be gorgeous! I remember when you did your last tree how you wanted to do autumn colors.
11/11/19 @ 22:52
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]
I love the structure, Brae, and I am excited to see this tree with it's autumn foliage! It's going to be such a wonderful landscape with the building, tree, horse and wagon!
11/12/19 @ 16:27
Comment from: Fabiola [Visitor]
The tree is amazing and so realistic.
11/12/19 @ 16:50
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]
Your tree is going to look Stunning especially with the golden autumn foliage gracing its branches- What a Treat!
11/13/19 @ 19:49
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you!! :>>
11/14/19 @ 15:18
Comment from: Kamelia [Visitor]
11/25/19 @ 10:04
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :>>
01/31/20 @ 14:10

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