Ivy Hollow - screen door, part 5

by brae  

Continuing work on the screen door. I sprayed the screen on both sides with the Rust-Oleum Self-Etching Primer as tested last time. The coverage wasn't quite as uniform over a larger patch of the material, but it's pretty great. It looks like a dusty screen, perfect for my rural setting.

It's even a little shinier on the interior side, where it would be more protected from the elements. This might have been why I had trouble painting it in the past. I might have tried to paint the shinier side instead of the dull side.

I glued the screen door boards together, then cut cross board detailing.

I painted those pieces while unattached, then added them to the previous assembly. I glued the three layers together - two wood frames with a cardstock/screen portion sandwiched between.

Here's a reminder of the middle layer setup since I had to work fast and couldn't photograph that part.

Once thoroughly dry, I gently sanded the four outer edges.

I filled any minor gaps with spackling.

I touched up the paint overall and painted the sides of the door.

Next up, building a frame to house both the screen and solid doors.


Comment from: Debora L. [Visitor]
I love it! Very nice screen door!
08/16/19 @ 15:12
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]
I'm so happy that the experimenting and tenacity paid off for you, Brae! The screen door couldn't have come out any better and is going to be an integral part of the charm for this build! It is so neat to me how what started out as pure function generations ago, cross braces, have become part of the form we love to see in miniature! Great work!
08/16/19 @ 15:29
Comment from: Kamelia [Visitor]
Looks perfect!
08/20/19 @ 10:10

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