Cluny Animals - introduction

by brae  

I've been meaning to tackle the Cluny Animals rug designed by the late Bobbie Schoonmaker for many years. There are other projects ahead of it, but I recently took some time working on re-charting the pattern in PatternMaker Pro. Charting into the software makes it easy to swap colors and make modifications to the layout, which is what I planned to do. Working on the chart little by little now means it will be ready for when I want to dive into stitching.

I drew a cat in the same style as the other animals to replace the original monkey, and it came out well if I do say so. I've decided on a size slightly smaller than the original with mine to be stitched in French knots. I made the border rabbits mirror one another and rearranged the placement and direction of the animals for a flow of color and direction more pleasing to me.

While meant as a rug, this size can also serve as a wall hanging.

Here is what the original looked like.


Comment from: Sheila Lester [Visitor]
It's gorgeous. I think the substitution of the cat works wonderfully.
05/10/21 @ 06:06
Comment from: ann [Visitor]
Recreating this amazing rug is quite a feat. It's beautiful and I think that I like it as a wall hanging better than a rug because it is more visible than on the floor, putting your hard work and talent on display.
05/10/21 @ 06:17
Comment from: Gayle Taylor [Visitor]
I like the updated version best. The monkey just looked out of place.
05/13/21 @ 11:19

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