Red wool coat - completed!

by brae  

I made it!  The contest ends today, and I just finished the coat.  :D

It has a red wool outer with black cotton velvet collar and buttons, and a grey, red, black and white striped lining. The wool and lining came from Joann Fabrics, but the cotton velvet is from my stash.

I love this back's what drew me to the pattern in the first place.

There are three buttons on top and two hidden snaps on the bottom. I'll likely swap these out for large hooks and eyes since the snaps are a bit cumbersome.

The velvet buttons were purchased but matched my velvet fabric perfectly as though I had covered them myself. :]

Since my lining fabric was striped on the diagonal, I cut the pieces individually so that one side mirrored the other, creating a chevron pattern. It worked only because there was no right side to the fabric. The original lower back piece was to be cut on the fold, so I added a 1/4" center back seam instead.

The process of cutting the lining took hours since the stripe pattern wasn't uniform and I had to match the areas piece by piece. This wasn't an issue with the sewing pattern, just my fabric choice. I love the results, but what a pain! :]

This was made from Butterick 5145, using View C with the sleeve tabs and back tab from View E.

pattern cover

Red Wool Coat - contest entry

by brae  

As you can see from the widget on the right, I post reviews on, a great site where sewers of all experiences can review patterns and share their creations and any tips/problems associated with any given garment.  It's a fabulous source of information and inspiration.

The site regularly holds contests, more to motivate people to sew than to create crazy competition.  :D  Having been a member of the site for a number of years now, this is the first time I'm entering a sewing creation into a contest.  It's for a lined jacket that has set in sleeves.

I have a couple of lined jackets in the hopper already, but this contest is for a new creation started after March 1, 2011 and ending April 30, 2011.  Still, maybe making something new will motivate me to finish those past projects, too.

The pattern I am making for the contest is Butterick 5145, using View C with the sleeve tabs and back tab from View E.

pattern cover

photo of back from Butterick website

Mine will be made from red wool with a black cotton velvet collar and buttons, and a grey, red, black and white striped lining.  The wool and lining came from Joann Fabrics, but the cotton velvet is from my stash.

click image to enlarge

Probably the wrong time of year for making a new winter coat, but with Chicago weather being what it is, I'll likely wear it before winter is up!  :\

Anthropologie Breeze-Blown Blouse

by brae  

I loved this blouse when it first came out a few years ago, but there was no way I could afford the $258 price tag.  As time went on, it went on sale for $130.  Not only was that still a bit steep for me but it was also sold out in the smaller sizes.  I figured recreating one for myself would be difficult since it's the fabric that makes the blouse unique.

The embroidery leads to three-dimensional flowers.

And the lace cuffs are so beautiful.

I've watched eBay and other secondary markets from time to time but figured I'd never find this blouse in my size let alone in like new condition.  Very recently, though, a size 8 popped up on eBay.  Considering I usually wear a 0-2 in Anthropologie blouses, I knew it would require a good amount of alterations.  But, it was new, never worn and $30.  So, I took the plunge!  :]

Interestingly enough, the fit in the shoulders was nearly perfect...just a tad low off the edge.  But, it was workable and meant I wouldn't have to redo the entire top and collar.  In fact, I wonder if the blouse would have fit me in the smaller sizes I had been hoping to find.

As is size 8...

The first alteration I made was to remove the enormous garment tag from the upper back.  Considering the sheerness of the fabric, this big block of a tag just didn't look right.

I then removed the sleeves.  These might have been meant as 3/4 sleeves, but they hit just at the wrist for me.  I raised them so the two buttons were just behind my elbow and the start of the cuff began at the top of my forearm.  Even if they weren't meant to be this short, they look much better in relation to the overall aesthetic of the blouse.  Resetting the sleeves also gave me the opportunity to correct the line of the shoulders.

When I set in the sleeves, I took in the side seams under the arm.  I then finished fitting the waist by taking in the side back and side front seams.  The shirttail hem was a bit long on me, too, so I took that up an inch and a half.

And, here's the final tailored blouse.  :D  Hurray!

And the back...

Seeking out of print Vogue 7880 8-12 skirt pattern

by brae  

Does anyone have a Vogue 7880 skirt pattern size 8-12 they are willing to part with?  I just realized that the pattern I've had in storage all these years (and want to sew now that I've found the right fabric for it) is the size 14-18.  :[

I'd be willing to trade my 14-18 for your 8-12 or buy it outright.  My pattern is new, uncut and factory folded.  I want View A size 10, so if your pattern is cut for the size 10 and includes all the pieces, I'd be interested in that as well.  I just really want to make this skirt!  :D


Please email me by clicking the envelope next to my name above.  Thank you!

Update: found one!!!  :D

Sparkle purple matelasse top

by brae  

Something besides a dress or skirt!!!!  :D

The fabric is purple matelasse jacquard from Fashion Fabrics Club.  I didn't realize this was sparkly until I received it, but it's not over-the-top glitzy.  It ended up very posh looking, actually!  :]  Here it is with the bustle skirt from my last post.

shoes: B. Makowsky 'Sindy'

Butterick 5485 has options to make a top, tunic and dress, all with the same general lines.  I'm sure I'll make the dress version soon.

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