Seeking out of print Vogue 7880 8-12 skirt pattern

by brae  

Does anyone have a Vogue 7880 skirt pattern size 8-12 they are willing to part with?  I just realized that the pattern I've had in storage all these years (and want to sew now that I've found the right fabric for it) is the size 14-18.  :[

I'd be willing to trade my 14-18 for your 8-12 or buy it outright.  My pattern is new, uncut and factory folded.  I want View A size 10, so if your pattern is cut for the size 10 and includes all the pieces, I'd be interested in that as well.  I just really want to make this skirt!  :D


Please email me by clicking the envelope next to my name above.  Thank you!

Update: found one!!!  :D

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Comment from: Lorraine Aitken [Visitor]  
woops....I've just seen the update comment!!!!
02/22/14 @ 18:11

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