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Red Wool Coat - contest entry

by brae  

As you can see from the widget on the right, I post reviews on, a great site where sewers of all experiences can review patterns and share their creations and any tips/problems associated with any given garment.  It's a fabulous source… more »

Seeking out of print Vogue 7880 8-12 skirt pattern

by brae  

Does anyone have a Vogue 7880 skirt pattern size 8-12 they are willing to part with?  I just realized that the pattern I've had in storage all these years (and want to sew now that I've found the right fabric for it) is the size 14-18.  :[ I'd be willi… more »

Sparkle purple matelasse top

by brae  

Something besides a dress or skirt!!!!  :D The fabric is purple matelasse jacquard from Fashion Fabrics Club.  I didn't realize this was sparkly until I received it, but it's not over-the-top glitzy.  It ended up very posh looking, actually!  :] … more »

Deep blue modern bustle skirt

by brae  

shoes: Naturalizer 'Camilla' The fabric is blue woven poly suiting from Joann Fabrics.  I bought a half-yard remnant of this at a local store and loved the color so much that I called customer service to find out if there was any more of it at another… more »

Spring green striped skirt

by brae  

shoes: Aerosoles 'Rolling Hills' I bought this fabric awhile ago at Joann Fabrics with no real plan for it.  As I was looking for lighter fabrics to start sewing for spring and summer, I brought this out of storage.  I made a striped skirt for cooler… more »

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