Dark olive ribbed knit dress

by brae  

The other day I spent some time going through patterns and my fabric stash.  I've had this beautiful ribbed knit fabric for some time now and finally decided to find something to make from it.

The dress was made from Vogue 8663, which has some nice detailing at the neckline in the form of pleats.  I originally cut sleeves for this dress, but the knit fabric didn't have enough stretch crosswise so it felt uncomfortable at the shoulders.  I had to cut them out after they were sewn in place, so the armholes are slightly larger than they would have been if I had made the sleeveless version from the start.

I find that pleats often stick out in ways I don't care for, so I topstitched them all in place.  I think it worked well since it still has visual interest without pulling or puckering across the front.

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Comment from: Marlene Jones [Visitor]
I love this design, I have one simular, I also have loads of fabric in my stash, I went mad a couple of years ago, when a shop was closing.
01/26/11 @ 02:15
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]
I love to sew. I haven't done much lately though. Am wondering if you have made little clothes for dollhouse dolls? I have lots of ideas but can't seem to figure out how to make the patterns the right size. Got any ideas? Thanks, Kathi
01/27/11 @ 04:57
Comment from: brae [Member]
I do plan to make miniature clothing for the Newport once I get to the sewing room on the third floor. I've looked at quite a few books from the library and depending on whether you are dressing dolls or just making the clothes for laying around or hanging in a closet, the construction would be different. If it's not worn, the clothing can be faked with cardboard under fabric and a whole lot of glue. You could even use decorative paper for fake clothing. :D
01/27/11 @ 07:47

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