Boden USA inspired autumn outfit

by brae  

I haven't written here in so long mainly because minis took over my creative time again.  There just aren't enough hours in the day to pursue all my creative outlets.  :\

But, with the end of summer approaching, I feel the urge to sew again.  And, all the lovely fall catalogs showing up in my mailbox have loads of inspiration.

The new Boden USA fall catalog had this delicious outfit that instantly caught my eye.  I love the colors, patterns and textures.

Unfortunately, it is a little pricey for my budget:

Orange polka dot top - $78
Cable sweater - $118
Tan bouclé skirt - $118
Total - $314

Detail pictures of the items shown in the inspiration picture.

I love the inspiration picture, but several things about the items themselves don’t work for me.  The orange top has fantastic fabric, but I can tell the boxy cut will not flatter me at all.  The sweater has a crew neck which isn’t as ideal for me as a V-neck and it also looks boxy.  The skirt is lovely, but paying over $100 for a pencil skirt that would take me two hours to make offends my sensibilities.

For the top, I’m thinking a fitted tank in Amy Butler Lotus Full Moon cotton.

To me, it’s the orange polka dot fabric that really makes the look.  And, with a cardigan, I like a more fitted silhouette underneath.  I already have the fabric and several shirt patterns to choose from -- this one is Simplicity 2703 for example.  It has some pleated details at the neckline, too, so I could retain that detail of the original inspiration piece.

For the sweater, I found two options that will work well for color and texture.  Each will change the look of the outfit depending on which one I wear with it.  On the left is the Charter School V-neck cardigan from ModCloth at $35.  On the right is the Donegal Cable cardigan from Eddie Bauer at $68.

For the pencil skirt, I could buy beige bouclé, but I already have some lovely beige woven suiting fabric that is softer and more versatile.  I also have a basic pencil skirt pattern.  It might even be fun to punch up the feminity of the outfit with the Vogue 8317 bustle skirt I love so much.

Now to find the time to make it all come together.  :]


Comment from: Shay [Visitor]
So Glad to see you return to your blog! I have enjoyed reading and getting inspiration from the things you make!
09/09/12 @ 13:56
Comment from: April [Visitor]
Just peeking in here to see if you somehow squished this in :)
09/18/12 @ 19:03
Comment from: brae [Member]
:D I bought the Modcloth sweater. :)) I have the skirt cut out --- went with a different pattern --- but I need to cut the lining still. And, I need to do a mockup of the top since I've never made it before.
09/18/12 @ 19:06
Comment from: April [Visitor]
That was probably wise actually, they run of out stock fast!
09/18/12 @ 21:06
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Hi Brae! When I read on your mini blog that you were sewing, I decided to come over to your sewing blog to see if you had any photos of what you were doing. Hope to see a photo of that Christmas dress you're working on! You are one busy girl, that's for sure!
12/04/12 @ 14:23

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