Bird perches

by brae  

I re-purposed two House of Miniatures kits for Clyde and Sam -- a bookstand and pedestal desk.  I've kept the tops for other uses.

I finished them in dark walnut with a satin varnish.  Pretty birdies!

To make the perches, I used pieces from the old tree branch I used in The Artist's Studio.  The wood is stained to match.

Now I can have them on the bookshelf instead of packed away in their boxes.  :D

Model cars & airplanes, etc.

by brae  

Just a recap post to make it easier to locate past models and works in progress.  Some images in this post can be clicked to view larger.  Each section has a link to the latest post in the build, which can be followed back through the process.  To see a full list of posts showing details on how I made things or what materials I used, click this link.

RX-7 in 1:24 scale - melding of Aoshima C-West, Fujimi and Tamiya kits. 


Citroën DS 19 by Heller - 1:16 scale - work in progress


1913 Model T Van by Entex - 1:16 scale


Datsun 240ZG by Tamiya - 1:12 scale - work in progress


License plates in 1:12 scale


Motor Racing Team Tool set by Tamiya - 1:12 scale


Mac Tools 1:12 scale tool locker - purchased model


1950 Volkswagen Beetle Saloon by Sun Star - 1:12 scale - purchased model


Sopwith Camel by Academy - 1:32 Scale 


Mercedes Benz Hybrid Bike - 1:12 scale diecast model by Maisto - purchased model

Audi Quattro Citybike - 1:12 scale diecast model by Maisto - purchased model

Audi Quattro Trekkingbike  - 1:12 scale diecast model by Maisto - purchased model


Remote control Audi TT - 1:14 scale - purchased model


Rustic Farm Wagon II  - built from a covered wagon kit by Allwood


Baslow Ranch Farm Wagon - built from a covered wagon kit by Allwood


The wayback machine -- this post features three model cars from many years ago, all in 1:25 scale.

Jaguar XKE

Volkswagen Beetle

Datsun 240Z

1913 Model T Van, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the Model T Van.  Since the chassis will soon be up in the assembly process, I decided to go ahead and polish the rest of the way.  Touch-ups can always be done later, but it's easier to work with the parts while they are separate.

I bought the Novus Plastic Polish Trio from The Container Store, of all places.  :D  You can order online, and they will even bring it to your car!  :O  It was a nice day, though, so I went inside.  You can buy this from amazon and also in larger sizes, but the 2 oz. bottles are perfect for small projects.  The set includes #1 Plastic Clean & Shine, #2 Fine Scratch Remover and #3 Heavy Scratch Remover as well as polishing cloths.  I used Q-tips in addition to cut pieces of the cloth due to the shape of the fenders.

The instructions indicate to use #1 to clean first, but I used it in between the steps as well to remove any grit or dust left behind.  I used #3, cleaned with #1, used #2 next and finished with another cleaning of #1.

I wouldn't say it eliminated all scratches, but the surface has a waxed and buffed finish that seems more realistic for scale.  It also didn't take nearly as long as the wet sanding process.  If you've ever had a black car you know they never look as good as when they are new unless you spend countless hours waxing to remove scratches.  I'm just glad I'm not making the whole van black.

It polished closer to the raised details that I couldn't reach with wet sanding, so that was a positive for sure.

It's just a tad more mirror-like as well - minimal halo effect reflecting the stove clock.  :]

The Scarecrow

by brae  

In dressing the next Martian, I realized the pants material was rather thin.  So, I made some boxer briefs from darker embroidery thread to keep things decent.  =giggle=

Here is Lowell all decked out for Halloween in a new scarecrow costume.  I used patterns adapted from The New Dolls' House DIY Book by Venus and Martin Dodge.  They have a section on pipe cleaner dolls, though I went with a mash of various techniques.

Sewing the tiny pants and tiny shirt wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but I am glad I went with a tattered costume so I wouldn't have to do hems.  Frayed edges look right at home on a scarecrow.  Again, I skipped the shoes.  We're still indoors getting dressed...that's my story.

He's a handsome fellow, not terribly scare-y for a scare-crow.

I had a lot of fun making Cherry and Lowell.  Dolls are not usually my thing, but I love how they turned out.

I actually was planning to enter the HBS Halloween contest and even took photos today.  Alas, you have to be a facebook member to enter, which I am not.  Ah, well...I'll just keep on working on the scene for my Halloween post as planned.  Stay tuned....

The Monarch

by brae  

One of the Martians has shape-shifted!  :D

It was my first time making a doll let alone dressing one, and I just decided to wing it.  bah-dum-PAH!  Nothing is glued in place other than her hair, so she can be dressed in other garments if I like.  I might try to figure out shoes later, but getting her in costume was the priority for now.

I've named her Cherry for the color of her hair.

Pretty girl.  :]

Next up is her beau....

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