1913 Model T Van, part 4

by brae  

Continuing work on the Model T Van.  The gas tank in a Model T sits under the seat and likely won't be seen much in my model, but that's no reason to skimp on detailing.  :D  The pieces that make up the tank were primed in flat black since they were on the sprue of parts that were mostly that color.  I assembled the two halves and then sprayed it with Model Master Metalizer Lacquer in Aluminum Plate.

The initial finish is light matte silver.  I didn't worry much about the join lines along the sides since they will be hard to see once the part is in place.

Once you buff it with a paper towel, it gets all shiny.  :D

That's just a little too new, so I added a couple of grey acrylic paint washes dabbed with a paper towel.  A bit of dust and light weathering always adds depth and visual weight.

I also painted the exhaust system with the Aluminum Plate spray.

I then added a bunch of colored acrylic paint washes to tone down the color and shine.  It also has more depth now.

I swapped out the original tail pipe and cut a piece of aluminum tubing to take its place.

I also painted the underside of the chassis and fenders a mix of flat black, brown and grey.  From the restored cars I've seen, the undersides are all glossy.  This might be for showroom condition, but mine has been on the road and our owner doesn't wash the underside.  :D

Greenery and flowers

by brae  

I made some small bushes from greenery I bought at the minis shows from A Little More in Miniatures.  I planted the stems in styrofoam painted brown and added yellow tips on a few of the branches.  I then planted some of the black-eyed Susans I made yesterday.  Here is one of the bushes at Otter Cove.  I wasn't sold on the punched leaves, so I did some altering.

I curled the main vein/stem in each leaf bunch and made it appear thinner.  Much better.  :]

Rudbeckia, or black-eyed Susans

by brae  

I'm starting to assemble bits for the landscaping, and one of my favorite wildflowers is the black-eyed Susan.  :]  I've made Bonnie Lavish kits in the past, but she is no longer selling and the kits are hard to find.  These flowers are relatively straightforward, so I've made up my own.

For the flowers, I used yellow origami paper and a mini sunflower punch by Punch Bunch.  For the leaves, I used a small ash punch by Punch Bunch and green origami paper.  The leaves aren't meant to be true to life, just a bit of filler to frame the flowers.

After punching out the shapes, I used a dark yellow colored pencil to add some depth to the petals.  I pierced the centers with a sewing pin and shaped the petals with a stylus.  I added veins to the leaves using a stylus as well.  I used 28 gauge wire cut to 2.5" to 3" lengths to have some working room.

I used a larger star punch by Martha Stewart for the calyxes (same olive paper), using the second smallest stars.

I glued two yellow flowers to the end, followed by a calyx.   To add dimension to the center, I applied a bit of glue to the circle and dipped it in tea.  I glued one or two leaf stems to each wire.

The buds are made using Moon Yellow paint by Americana along with a paper calyx rolled up.

I plan to make more to have a good planting.  :]

Bird perches

by brae  

I re-purposed two House of Miniatures kits for Clyde and Sam -- a bookstand and pedestal desk.  I've kept the tops for other uses.

I finished them in dark walnut with a satin varnish.  Pretty birdies!

To make the perches, I used pieces from the old tree branch I used in The Artist's Studio.  The wood is stained to match.

Now I can have them on the bookshelf instead of packed away in their boxes.  :D

Model cars & airplanes, etc.

by brae  

Just a recap post to make it easier to locate past models and works in progress.  Some images in this post can be clicked to view larger.  Each section has a link to the latest post in the build, which can be followed back through the process.  To see a full list of posts showing details on how I made things or what materials I used, click this link.

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