Milo Valley Farm - barn doors, part 1

by brae  

Sometimes during a build, I'll get stuck on something and need to think for a bit while I work on other projects or even other aspects of a build.  I don't know how many barns I will make in my lifetime, and I wanted a sliding door for Milo Valley Farm.  The problem arose when I narrowed the building.  The door width required for the framed openings equates to two 4 1/8" wide doors.  The space on either side of the framed opening is only 2.75" wide.  :\

I've always said I need only one real life example to justify a solution used in miniature. This past weekend, I went to my cousin's wedding and ran into just such an example. :D The event was held at Proven Ground Farm, and what an awesome place!  The barn and grain bins were preserved and converted into a fabulous indoor-outdoor event space.  I foolishly left my camera behind (not realizing the venue ahead of time), but mom lent me her phone which took adequate photos.  :]

The door on the left side slides to the left, where it would extend past the building's edge.  The solution used was an elongated board to hold the hardware past that edge.  :D

There was someone I didn't know sitting here, so I had to crop the close-up, but that's a great old door!  :D  The hardware gives me some ideas as well.

This weekend, I will have houseguests for the 3 Blind Mice and Bishop Shows!  :D  I will post my acquisitions as usual, but the blog might be a bit quiet otherwise.

New Laser Cut Kits

by brae  

I apologize in advance to your wallets.  :D  I recently discovered a new kit supplier Arjen Spinhoven Miniaturen and all I can say is, "Wow!"  Even if you resist spending the cash, you will be spending plenty of time admiring the beautiful offerings.

Tree firescreen


Tree surrounds in bar square and square holes


Arts & Crafts table and chairs kits


Plant stand kit - Clock - Coat rack


Oval doormat


Watermarked, or This is why we can't have nice things

by brae  

I have my sense of humor back today, but I am still pursuing the infringers.

What do you think of my new work?  :D  

Well, uh, that's great...from what I can see of it.

No, I won't be going crazy with the watermarks, but I have started adding my blog line to my photos for some time...that should help some with at least tracking back to the original source.  For the super artsy ones where I don't want wording messing up the pics, I hide it...but it's still there.  ;D  This won't guard against copiers, but it's something.

Buzz kill

by brae  

I recently discovered (very much like Facebook) and found well over 150 of my images posted by users on that site many without attribution and likely copied from sites other than my own.  One user even put their logo on my photos.  I've sent a DMCA request to the site for what I could find, but there are likely even more and who knows if they will do a thing about it.  I also recognized the work of many other miniaturists on there.  Over the years, I've found my images all over the place (and reported them), but this is by far the worst.

NOTE: If you are a user, please do not post my images to that site.

Edit 4/16/15 -- The main user who posted their logo on my work has removed the images volunarily so I've removed reference to that person.  I am still pursuing other posts and making progress.

It should go without saying that no one should put their logo on my work, but many have done so and not just on any one website.  Please do not put your logo or name on my work.

Making minis with Shapeways

by brae  

One recent and amazing development in the world of miniatures is 3D printing.  Shapeways gives designers and shoppers a way to meet and mingle.  There are so many custom miniatures in different sizes and materials available.  Shapeways held a contest featuring miniatures, and I made a mini crafting scene to enter.

I started with a miniature reproduction of the Shapeways shipping box shown here at Baxter Pointe Villa.

I split apart a real one then reproduced the wording and logos through scanning, manual type-setting and clip-art alteration.

I even made a tiny USPS label.  :D

The shipping tape dispenser left the best detailing on the ends, so I kept that intact.

The tiny X-Acto knife is by Ulus Miniatures.

Open the box to find Shapeways 3D printed items wrapped in thin foam (many thanks to Peggy for the foam supply).  Maybe one of these days I'll figure out how to make bubble wrap in 1:12 scale.  I did at least include tiny pieces of masking tape to hold the foam secure.  :D


Inside were a 3D printed swimming pool in N scale from TheDallesHostler and a 3D printed N scale bridge from railNscale, bought just in case of disaster with the pool.  :D  I will likely use the bridge for the tiny Hampton House.

My mini craft room is also the laundry room.  This beautiful washer and dryer set from Barbara are accented by a wonderfully detailed 3D printed laundry basket by MarionRussek.  I spray painted it flat white.

Ophelia likes to hang out in the laundry room when there is crafting going on.

The 3D printed bookshelf which I painted Liquitex Iridescent Bronze is from modernminifan.  I added various miniatures to fill the space, using the largest of the books in my collection to make the best use of the space.

The modern vase is from modernminifan and was molded in white.  I painted it Testors Gloss Teal, a gorgeous metallic blue green.

I removed the ladder from the pool since the printing was slightly off and painted the pool using acrylic paints.  The 3D printed desk accessories are from modernminifan.  They were printed in a lightly metallic grey, so I left them as is.  I added accessories and even a tissue for the tissue box holder.  The 3D printed stacking bins are from MarionRussek, designed by Pepper.  These were molded in green.  I made the masking tape roll and sketch pad.

Then it was time for the resin (Acrylic Water from Walmart).  I've included a tiny dispensing cup and stir stick.  I tried putting measurement lines on the cup, but that's apparently above my pay grade.  :D

The 3D printed overhead lampshade is by MarionRussek.  I painted it soft tan to mimic a bamboo shade, added a Novalyte can LED and fed the wire through a length of aluminum tubing.  The window was originally in the Newport and has my custom café shutters.  Yes, they open, too.  :]

Burning the midnight oil.  Yeah, I've never done that before.  haaaaaaaaaaa!

Hooray!  Done with time to spare.  :D

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