Milo Valley Farm - abandoned bathtub, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the abandoned bathtub.  The initial algae process turned out well.

Then it was time for the ring around the tub.  :D  I made another green paint wash and poured some into the tub.  I then took a smaller brush and kept making rounds, dropping liquid down the sides.

They were such light layers of watered down paint that they dried quickly, allowing me to build up layers of rings.  I then let it dry completely after this step.

It was too light and too matte when dry, so I did a third round with darker green and satin varnish mixed in.  Here it is wet.

I cut away the necessary material to sink the tub into the ground.  You can see why I didn't bother with the legs.

This will allow for the slight angle I built into the sludge and the doors (swinging or rolling) will clear it easily.  I already love it just buried in foam!

I added the final aging on the exterior using random paint washes and dry brushing.

Though the faucets are long gone, I added the overflow cover plate made from a pen cap.  I had done this before for the Heritage tub, and it worked well.

I painted it silver and then aged it with washes before gluing it in place.  I also drilled out the drain hole and painted the subsequent bare plastic.  I added gloss painted details to the interior using Triple Thick Gloss Glaze, like there's always some moisture in there.  With all the rust and grime, you can't even tell there was a drilling misfire.  :]

It looks like heavy cast iron, no?

Yes, this tiny frog feels right at home.  I've named him Herbert.  :D

Now it will sit until I get to the final landscaping.  :D

Milo Valley Farm - abandoned bathtub, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the abandoned bathtub.  I let the spray paint dry thoroughly and then began the process of removing the salt by rubbing my finger over the grains.  I did use a little water in some spots.  It worked well, though not enough of the under layer showed for what I wanted.

It worked better in the areas where the salt application was denser, as expected.

I sanded the entire piece to remove the sheen, which was glossier than it should be for an old tub exposed to the elements.  In some places this left well delineated scratches.

To bring back a lighter sheen, I applied nail polish remover to the entire surface.

To lift some of the paint in the rusted areas, I applied paint thinner with a Q tip.  This lifted the paint slightly.

I used a paper towel to lift the paint entirely in areas.

I smoothed out the obvious scratches with paint thinner, this time just letting the paint dry without applying the paper towel.

After the paint dried, I washed the tub with soap and water and positioned it into a tray using a paper towel to angle it slightly.

To get the tub to look like it had been filled with algae water a few times over, I made a mixture of brown and green paint (with a tiny dash of black) and poured it into the bath.

I kept removing a little bit of the mixture with a syringe and then dropping some back in.

After I had a good result, I left the remaining liquid to dry naturally.

To be continued....

Milo Valley Farm - abandoned bathtub, part 1

by brae  

It wouldn't be an old farm without an abandoned bathtub buried somewhere on the grounds.  I'm using a spare tub picked up from Sir Thomas Thumb at last year's Bishop Show.  These are the same that come in the Chrysnbon kits, but there no hardware or accessories are included.  I didn't bother cleaning up the plastic at all, just started with a spray of flat black.  I then added brushed on patches of Testors Rust paint.

I drilled out the holes for the plumbing in the back (not quite centered but this is easily fixed later), then touched up the paint on those areas.  I didn't do the drain for reasons I'll get to.

Here's a great tutorial on achieving chipped paint on plastic models.  I like the idea of using a "stunt double" -- an old or unused model for experimentation.  In a way, this tub is such a thing since I bought a few of these loose tubs from Sir Thomas Thumb.  In case of disaster, little is lost.  :D

Since the rust paint dried with a slight sheen, the water beaded on the surface.  I sanded it lightly to remove the sheen.

I added the salt as recommended in the tutorial, concentrating around the holes, the drain and the rust painted portions.  It didn't matter to me that some salt strayed.

I sprayed the tub Krylon Almond in satin finish, trying to use up some old paint on an item where overspray and splatters won't matter at all.  Of course, this old spray paint came out clean and crisp.  haaaaa!

It's now drying in the garage.  More to come...

Shapeways Contest Results ---- drumroll please...

by brae  

The results are in for the Shapeways contest!!!!  My mini craft station in the laundry room took first place!!  eeeeeeeeeeeee!!!  :D  *wrings hands and starts shopping list*

I'm sure there will be another Shapeways box on my doorstep in the very near future!

Congratulations to Alice, Kristine and Cyd on their winnings and a huge pat on the back to all the contestants!!!  You can see all of the entries here and the winners announcement here.  Thank you to the judges: Carol, Kacie and Megan!

Many thanks to Shapeways for the opportunity to participate and for the wonderful minis brought to life through 3D printing.  :D  I'm so thrilled!!!!

Teddy bears just want to have fun

by brae  

I have the week off from work for my annual staycation.  I like to take the week off after the mini shows to on projects.  :D  Yesterday, I recovered from the long weekend (slept in late, stayed in jammies until the late afternoon) and caught up on house cleaning.  The rest of this week, I need to make some serious headway on my HBS contest house -- the secret one.  I have three audiobooks (a trilogy) and a game plan.  But, there will be nothing to share unless I sneak in some other work on the side.  To that end, I will pop in with some fun photos when I have nothing else to share.

This settee from Sandy McHenry at the 3 Blind Mice show kept calling my name since I have the 1:12 scale version in the Heritage attic.  This one is half scale and the perfect size for a couple of buddies to enjoy.  :D  I bought it before I even knew how I would use it.

Wally and Boo have settled in nicely, but, oh, the non-stop giggling!  :D

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