Baxter Pointe Villa, after the renovation

by brae  

After the lightning strike on my condo back in 2013, a couple of the houses suffered some damage.  One was Baxter Pointe Villa, where the Yes paste had failed in the kitchen, bath and living room.

I removed the wallpaper and aquarium (which I wanted to keep in my private collection elsewhere).  I scraped the glue and paint from the walls to start over in the kitchen and part of the living room.

And, now, for the big reveal!  :D

Even though I didn't make changes to the exterior, I did take some updated photographs all around.

The exterior and landscaping have held up well in the past four years.

There really isn't anything I would change about this build.  :D

The sand sheds from time to time, but it is also in great condition.

The bedroom needed only a light dusting.

The bed was custom made for the space.

I was able to salvage the bathroom paper and just glued it back in place.

I made a new aquarium for the space.

I had to replace the living room paper around the aquarium base and to the right of it.  I used Mini Graphics Wallpaper Mucilage.

I also finished the baseboard trim that I never got around to the first time around.

I was able to finally photograph the candles in the fireplace in a more realistic manner.

Since I might end up selling this house (been saying it for years), I did eliminate the hardwired table lamp and my signature faux outlet.  This is what it used to look like.

The kitchen cabinets had no damage -- just the wallpaper, so now it's all back together.

I raised the breakfast bar and bought two barstools from Just Miniature Scale to finish the space.

While it wasn't hard work and there was not a lot to fix, I now know for certain that renovations are not for me.  :D

3 Blind Mice and Bishop Shows 2015, day 2

by brae  

Yesterday was the final day of shopping for us, but the Bishop Show is still on today.  :D

All About Miniatures.  Tomato plants by Bill Lankford...

...and railings...

and snowshoes.  :D

Sandy McHenry.  Marvelous random vintage minis.

Lamis Minis.  Fantastic dandelion in the seed stage.

Cottage of Miniatures.  Tons of minis to complete your scenes!

Graber Gallery.  A lovely assortment of baskets.

Miniature Wood Creations.  Fantastic two-story Martin birdhouse.

Templewood Miniatures.  Leaf veining tool.

Bishop Show 2015, part 1

by brae  

This post brought to you by Pacifique.  :D  First day at the Bishop Show with my second houseguest now in tow.

Vilia Miniature.  Empty jars and fast food carryout container.

Mostly Paper.  Tulip kit...I bought two, but there were a lot of flowers to choose from.

Wright Guide Miniatures.  I knew they would have a lot of great thing for Milo Valley Farm.

And other random goodies....

Muffa Miniatures.  This is Wally and Boo.  I first saw Wally, but then decided to go with Boo.  Then Wally cried, so I had to adopt them both.  :D  Cuties!!!

Vitreus Ignis.  This vendor has the most delicate glass pieces.  Simply gorgeous.  The bottom is actually silver, so it's reflecting the color of the table here.

64tnt Miniatures.  Fabulous acorn cap birdhouses.

The Little Dollhouse Company.  I love the slant-tip tweezers the best.

Bindels Ornaments.  They have the best selection of random jewelry findings and kits to make lights and whatever you can imagine.

Volker Arnold.  I love these tiny wood trees.  :D

3 Blind Mice 2015, day 1

by brae  

My first houseguest arrived, and we attended the 3 Blind Mice show this evening.  :D

T&D Miniatures and Dollhouses.  This was a wacky penguin, and I just had to have him.  The peat moss bag is weighted to stay in place.

A Little More in Miniatures.  This glass vase has such a fabulous mid century modern shape.

Patricia Wehmeier Miniatures.  Pat made both of these lovlies.

Jacqueline Kerr-Deiber.  There were few things I was specifically looking for on my shopping was a frog.  :D  This is made by Amanda Skinner.

Custom Dollhouse Club.  I have a weakness for white ceramics in real life and in mini.

Hartland Miniatures.  Lots of goodies here!

Also from Hartland -- I bought a croquet kit, too.

All About Miniatures.  Rocking Horse by Steve Panner.  Oops - forgot to straighten out the stirrup.  :\  This is a gorgeous piece.

Miniature cinder blocks on a pallet

by brae  

I was recently contacted by the folks at Mini Materials offering me a free sample of their miniature cinder blocks to try.  Quite awhile ago, there were some cinder block fridge magnets for sale elsewhere but I missed out on those.  I was overjoyed to know Mini Materials was making the real deal in 1:12 scale with no pesky magnet I would need to remove.  They sent me a 24 pack on a wood pallet and a bag of loose broken blocks.

Awesome possum.  April used that expression recently, and I have to say that perfectly describes these miniature cinder blocks.  :D

The 24 blocks come on a wood pallet...also awesome.  :D

Yes, you can buy the pallets alone.

They even sell the random broken bits, which I think is brilliant.  If you're doing an old scene, like Milo Valley Farm, having broken bits is especially useful.  Cuts down on waste for them, too.

Ok, so the shrink-wrap and sticker aren't to scale.  Haaaaaaaaa!  But, the pieces were well packed.

Thanks so much, Mini Materials, for sending along the blocks and pallet.  I already have some ideas spinning.  :D  Who wants me to leave off a wheel on the 240ZG and prop a block under it?  How else will I show off the fabulous work on the inner wheel parts?

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