Mod Flowers rug - introduction

by brae  

A few years ago, when I first started making minis, I made a needlepoint rug on 24 count congress cloth based on a real life modern original called Parasols by Thomas Paul.  While it looked lovely in photographs, I was never very happy with the result.

Needlepoint on a lower count can look choppy, especially when there are a lot of curves to the design.  The background also showed through more than I liked, and I ended up with more of an oval than a circle.

I had printed on velour paper, which had a nice texture but still wasn't as realistic as I wanted.

This was all before I had done a French knot rug, though I had considered redoing the design in punchneedle.  I do like punchneedle, but French knots are just such a great texture in miniature.  And, if I feel if I am going to bother doing the work, I might as well do it right.  :D  Considering the crazy detail of the Persian, I plan to start the Mod Flowers in French knots to have a simpler design to work on to offset the madness of the Persian.

I didn't print on fabric as I had for the Persian since I will be making a 7 13/16" diameter rug and the fabric printer sheets are only 8.5" wide.  Not enough to add fabric for an embroidery hoop.  So, I've used the transfer pen and tracing paper method.  This is Aunt Martha's Tracing Paper and Sulky Iron-On transfer pen in black.

I took the velour paper printout and taped it to a sheet of tracing paper.  I taped the paper to the window in the afternoon light and traced the design using a fine point Sharpie.

Jasper was eager to help.

I then flipped the paper over and traced the design with the transfer pen.

Having had shifting issues in the past, I taped the paper to the muslin fabric before ironing.

The design spreads a bit, but it will all be covered in the end.  :]  I just need to shop for more of the colored threads I used on the needlepoint version.

Tribal Foxes Rug - 110.75 hours, stitching complete

by brae  

I've finished stitching the Tribal Foxes rug with a total stitching time of 110.75 hours.  I just need to bind the edges and complete the final finishing.

This was done in full cross stitch with single thread over 32 count Jobelan.

Hoot owl pillows

by brae  

I have been on a pillow making spree with a few more designs still in the works.  :D  I might need to open a mini pillow emporium.

Yes, you can find these little guys in my etsy shop.  :]

The March Online Miniatures Show

by brae  

I am participating in the The March Show running from March 9 - 12.  You can pay a small fee to be an early bird shopper late March 8 - 9, though it is free and open to all March 10 - 12.  I am offering free U.S. shipping or $4 off international shipping for early bird shoppers March 8 - 9.

New spring pillows

by brae  

I've stocked my etsy shop with new designs for spring.  :D

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