Watson Mill - electrical plan, part 2

by brae  

Things always come up when the warmer weather hits, and I get out and about with friends and family.  Then on my "days off" from festivities, I relax and recuperate to start the work week all over again.  So, the blog slows down this time of year, but I do try to keep motivated.  I've also been feeling the sewing bug, but I haven't worked on anything in particular there, either.  Just mulling over ideas.

Back to the mill.  Getting out of dry fit for me always entails a lot of prep due to the chicken-or-egg scenarios that pop up along the way.  Before I could glue the brick foundation in place, I needed to address part of the landscaping since I didn't want to risk marring the brickwork.  I used stucco patch to even out the builders foam slopes on three sides, leaving the door wall until later.  I painted the finished portions black brown afterward.

I glued the brick foundation to the builders foam using Weldbond glue and weighted it under magazines overnight.  The next night, I ran my wires for the attic space through the foam and out the back.

I used Sharpies this time to mark the ends so I didn't have to guess which wire was which later on.

I didn't bother for the motor wires since there are only two of them.  I am using 22 gauge wire because it matches the lead wires from the motors.

I left a lot of lead for the motor wires but will still likely use an extension cord for the transformer.  I ran the wire bunches through holes in the floor board that correspond to the side wall channels.  To keep things from getting unruly, I taped the wires into looped bunches.  For the wires coming out the back, I used twist ties since tape residue will wear off on the wires if you leave it too long.  The taped bunches will be used right away.

I then glued the bottom floorboard in place and weighted the assembly with magazines and large clamps.  More drying time....  :]


by brae  

This is Auguste, and he is as cute as a button.  :D

Auguste is a clever hedgehog made by A. Gabriela Z. Rodriguez of agzr*studios.

She included a strawberry house and food bowl.  I love the strawberry especially.  It's the perfect hideout and makes me want to build a blanket fort for myself!  :D

Watson Mill - wash stand

by brae  

I bought this pale yellow metal wash stand from The Dolls House Emporium some time ago mainly because I liked the shape and color (looks like they don't have it anymore).  It didn't come with a bowl, but I didn't have a home in mind for it anyway so it went into the stash.

I'll be using this for the upper room of the mill and needed to find a bowl.  The small shelf in the back and the size of the hole limited what would fit.  The ceramic bowls I had were either too small around and fell through the hole or were too tall and wouldn't fit under the shelf.  Debora said she had the Chrysnbon chamber set and would send me the bowl and pitcher.  They are plastic but very well detailed.  They also were a perfect fit.

I sprayed them with white gloss spray paint followed by several coats of gloss sealer.

They look fairly convincing as porcelain if you don't look inside the pitcher to see the mold lines.

Thank you, Debora, for helping Gustav stay clean and fresh!  :D

Watson Mill - electrical plan

by brae  

Before I could apply the wallpaper, I had to figure out my wiring plan.  I'll need two lines -- one AC and one DC -- since the windshaft motor and dollhouse lighting differ.  Ceiling light channels are simple enough, but I needed to know which direction I was headed.  I like to build in some access to the lighting, so I opted to head toward the empty space covered by the angled side roof.  I can make this a removable roof panel easily enough, so my wiring will gather here.

I made a channel on the front wall for the bedroom wall sconce.  I'll drill a hole for the table lamp later on during furniture placement, but I did drill a hole for the floor lamp in the lower room.

I made a channel for the coach lamp on the exterior heading up.   I'll likely use aluminum tubing to make conduit for the motor, hiding the wiring in plain sight, so I'll wait on drilling final holes for that.  This plan requires five dollhouse lighting wires and two motor wires in the tiny attic space (the floor lamp wiring will be buried in the landscaping foam without leading up to the attic space).  I always add an extra dollhouse lighting wire in case inspiration strikes later, so I'll up that to six wires in the attic space.  :D  I made three vertical channels on the side wall to run long wires from the attic space down the wall, through foundation and the landscaping foam, then out the back.

With these in place, I can now cut and apply wallpaper to the interior and start thinking about getting out of dry fit.  :O

Baxter Pointe Villa listed on etsy

by brae  

NOTE: some of you may notice the prices in my etsy shop are being displayed with shipping included per listing.  This is a test being run by etsy and does not reflect any combined shipping discount.  I have not raised my pricing, and I will continue to offer combined shipping.  It is confusing, so I hope it is sorted out soon.  If you have any questions about prices or shipping costs, please feel free to send me an email.


I didn't have much luck on eBay, so I have listed Baxter Pointe Villa on etsy.  This is still local pickup only since the delicate railings and wind turbine make it unable to be shipped. I'm located in the Chicago area.  For the full write-up on Baxter Pointe Villa, click here.

The exterior has approximately 1,700 cedar shake shingles, each individually cut and glued in place.  The custom built chimney features egg carton brickwork.

The house has four rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

The 12V lighting is all hard-wired.

The house features one of my custom made aquariums.

There are flameless lighted candles in the fireplace.

The kitchen cabinets are fixed in place and feature working doors and drawers.  The sink is custom made, and a removable half fridge is included.

There are two barstools included for the breakfast bar.

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