The Persian - introduction

by brae  

Quite awhile back, I saw a vintage needlepoint rug on eBay from an estate sale.  It was miniature, though done on a lower count of 18 or 22 and therefore a large rug for 1:12 scale.  I loved the pattern but knew nothing about it.  There was some discussion on the PetitPointers group I belong to, and one of the members Frances said it was from an old purse kit by Patons.  She had made up a miniature rug for herself on higher count silk gauze from the pattern.

After some sleuthing, I found some further information.  This was the C201 Persian Needlepoint Tapestry chart made in Patons Beehive Tapestry Wool.  It was a kit that made a clutch purse.  I've seen partially finished kits on eBay along with another miniature rug rendition in slightly different colors.

Luckily, this pattern is also found in the latch hook patterns booklet Classic Oriental Rugs By Patons No. 153 (it's pattern 2001 in the booklet and featured on the cover).  I picked up an inexpensive copy and now can get to work on my own version.  :D

I will be changing the colors slightly, but even the original is lovely.  :]

The design is 295 x 159 stitches.  If I worked on my usual 32 count, this is would be roughly 9.25" x 5" for a fairly large rug.  Cross stitch would take a long time.  As comparison, the Navajo had a stitching time of 189.5 hours stitched on 32 count.  The finished size is 5 3/16" x 8 7/16".  So, it would be around the same amount of hours of work.

If I work on 42 count silk gauze, this would be roughly 7" x 3 3/4" for a medium sized rug. For this, I could do half cross stitch, and it would be more like true petitpoint than anything I've done before.  This could have half the time invested.

However, I also am drawn to Elga's method of French knots on silk gauze (finished rug shown here).  This is done on a silk gauze grid from a chart, but in French knots instead of a crossover stitch.  Typically French knots are done on muslin, filling in a printed design freehand.  It's a stunning result, because French knots create such a realistic texture in miniature.  I've seen her rug in person, and the quality is amazing.  So, perhaps I'll do some test runs on a scrap of silk gauze to see if I can get a feel for the technique.  This would likely add hours to the work, but the end result would be lovely.  :D

Here's my Bees & Trees rug in French knots as an example of the freehand filling technique.  I'm in no rush, so perhaps I'll take the plunge.

Tribal Foxes Rug - 99.5 hours

by brae  

Continuing work on the Tribal Foxes Rug.  I'm now at 99.5 hours.  Hitting the final stretch, though there's still a lot to be done.  :]

I am stitching full cross stitch with single thread over 32 count Jobelan.

Laughter is the best medicine

by brae  

This past week, I was waylaid by the plague that's been going around, and it was a doozy!  :\  I've been either on the couch under a blanket or asleep in my bed for days, but I am finally feeling human again.  Jasper has helped by being his amusing self.

Mom bought me a pet blanket for the guest bed since Jasper thinks he's a guest and often sleeps on that bed.  When a guest comes, I have to clean the bedding due to all the cat hair.  This blanket was intended to cover the bedding and be easily removed for clean bedding.  Did it work as intended?


Back soon...wishing you all good health and lots of laughs.  Avoid the plague. :P

Happy New Year - on to 2017!!!

by brae  

Coming to you live from The Aero Squadron Lounge!  Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!  :D  It's ok to get a little crazy, just be sure to drink plenty of water.  Cheers!!!

Easy Cutter Ultimate

by brae  

I bought an Easy Cutter Ultimate from Hobby Lobby back in 2009/2010.  I raved about its usefulness and found changing the blade to be straightforward.  It was a quality product that I recommended to other crafters.

I made a mistake and tried to cut something too hard, marring the plate.  I knew I could change the blades but not the plate.  It still worked well, but I had intended to replace it once it was time to change the blade again.

A few months ago, I bought a new one from Hobby Lobby then immediately returned it after opening the package.  My previous one had a rivet on the bottom; the new one had a screw that kept loosening.  The angle selector swung freely and had a lot of give in the newer version.  I had to tighten the screw constantly but then it loosened when I changed the angle.  This slows down the work and means I always have to have a screwdriver nearby.

Thinking it might be a fluke, I recently tried again from Amazon.  This one had the same issue with the screw, so I returned it as well.  I now understand why people I've recommended the tool to are not impressed with it.

I just bought a new old stock Easy Cutter Ultimate with the rivet on the bottom from eBay.  It has the same great quality of the original one I had.

You can see the difference without opening the package since the rivet/screw sticks out from the packaging.

I've sent my concern to Midwest Products hoping they return the product to its former design.  I'll update this post if I receive a reply.

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