Coloring mug

by brae  

Debora sent me a coloring mug for Christmas, and I finally took the time to complete it.  It came with four color markers, and of course I didn't think to take a before photo.

I used Sharpies for the most part, using only the green from the kit.

Here is what it looked like before baking per the instructions on the box.

The colors did change, mainly the red turned yellow, the gray turned brown, the greens turned blue and overall the colors muted.  Since I don't plan to use this for beverages, I went ahead and touched up the colors without baking a second time.  These are permanent markers so they won't smear once dry though they might wash off.  I can always touch up again.

So, what will I use the mug for?  Holding things on the work table to add a bit of color.  Thank you, Debora!  :D

The Persian - 2 hours in

by brae  

I wanted to try out a corner of the Persian rug to make sure I liked the colors.  This is 2 hours of work so far, and I like it!  :D  I am getting some variation in knot size as I get used to the technique again, but I think it will blend well in the end.


by brae  

A few years ago, I saw a fabulous drafting table on Recréation Miniature.  I put it on the someday to try list.  :D  I loved that it was a working, adjustable table.  Another fine example is the table from Boutique Miniatures.  I own two of the adjustable stools from this shop.  I put the table on my wish list as a splurge in case I didn't get around to making one.

Not too long ago, Mike Adamson was downsizing a few miniatures he didn't intend to use, and the drafting table from Boutique Miniatures was one of those items.  I was lucky enough to nab it.  :D  You must see the beautiful work that Mike does as well.  His exacting replications for kitchens, living rooms and other modern settings are top notch!

The table is a superb reproduction.

There are tiny ringed pins to adjust the table from flat to angled.

There was another stool in the set, so now I have three.  The tops actually adjust up and down.

I've printed out a Beebe Windmill technical drawing for today's scene, though I recolored it in PhotoShop.

image from Wikimedia

Mike sent me one of his marvelous paintings as well.  :]

Lamp from Ray Storey, bowl of nuts from Hartland Miniatures, modern shelf from Debbie Ohm, rug from Iklectic Kollectibles, horse bust from Art Forge.  I made the file folders.

Happy Groundhog Day 2017

by brae  

According to legend, if the groundhog sees his shadow on this day, there will be six more weeks of winter.  If he doesn't, then there will be an early spring.  Since it's a bright sunny morning here, I am distracting Woodrow with cake!  :D  Happy Groundhog Day!

The results are in...

by brae  

Ye Olde Taxidermist has won an Honorable Mention in the 2016 HBS Creatin' Contest!  :D

It's a great honor to have my work recognized.  A huge thank you to HBS!

For the full recap post on Ye Olde Taxidermist, click here.

You can see the winners and remaining entries posted here.  Congratulations to all on your creativity and hard work!  :D  Now on to this year's contest kit -- not sure if I will enter, but there's plenty of time to mull over my ideas.

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