The Newport

by brae  

Following the renovation of my childhood dollhouse, I got the bug for the hobby again.  I used to build model cars, though my specialty was to make them look like junkers (photos to come soon).  I had also started a large wood dollhouse kit probably twenty-some years ago, a Dura-Craft, but it was overwhelming to me at the time and many of the pieces just didn't cooperate with me.  :D

For this year's birthday, mom bought me a new kit to build: The Newport in brick by Real Good Toys.

I started planning before the kit even arrived, and I have some great ideas in mind.  I plan to add the two-story addition as well as another surprise addition (actually, I want to be sure I can accomplish it before I get ahead of myself and announce it here).

I've started with some of the preliminary work while I wait for certain pieces to arrive.  My plan is to eventually create a "build how-to" with photos, but I will share some tips along the way.  When I first started looking into this hobby, the wealth of other blogs out there inspired and helped me and I wish to return the favor.

My first impression is that this is a quality kit with some challenges, and fun, ahead.  The brick looked different from what I expected from the above kit photo, but it wasn't a disappointment.  It's a great color and texture.  I am going to stick close to the overall color scheme in the kit photo, but there will definitely be changes and upgrades.

So, now I wait eagerly for the UPS man to arrive so the real work can begin...

Flip that Dollhouse!

by brae  

This was my childhood dollhouse, and I renovated it so my mom could give it to my young cousin for her birthday.  It originally had loud wallpaper throughout, which I had painted over rather sloppily when I was younger. Most of the carpet throughout the house was stained.  I found some free printable wallpaper online (I love the internet) and ordered new carpeting from a dollhouse supply place (also online).  I had to prime most of the walls in the house since the paint was so dark, and I painted all of the ceilings white to brighten the rooms.  All the furniture shown was purchased on eBay before I realized this house was not 1:12 scale - ah well.  :D  click images to enlarge

The house had electric originally, but the transformer was long gone and the wiring was old – so we decided to make it a non-electric dollhouse.  I removed the stairs and plugged the transformer hole with heavy cardboard (there had been a plain paper patch) before wallpapering and new carpeting was put in.  I also used double-sided tape instead of paste to install the wallpaper just in case the family wanted to work on the electric in the future.

Entrance Before

Entrance After


Yes, that orange carpet is original.  Apparently, I thought adding orange paint was a good idea at the time. Eek!

Kitchen Before

As I was looking for new carpeting online, I stumbled across something new to me: a sheet of mini tiles.  The wallpaper has a design made from tiny ears of corn.  I love this hand painted furniture; the pieces have workable drawers and doors.

Kitchen After

Again, with the orange carpet!  I don’t know if the gloss pink paint was worse than the orange paint I had used in the kitchen.  This room has the only remaining light fixture since it was so firmly affixed to the ceiling; it would have done more damage to remove it.

Bath Before

I used the same tile as in the kitchen.  The bathroom set is ceramic.

Bath After

These walls were in especially poor condition due to tape removal, but none of the damage showed after the walls were primed and wallpapered.

bedroom before

The bed looks huge, but the room is pretty small.

Living Room
The carpet in this room and the adjoining porch was mostly salvageable, mainly because it was dark brown and didn’t show any stains.  The wallpaper here was more challenging since there is a change in level toward the porch and the living room connects to the entrance room directly below.

Living Room Before


I opted for brick wallpaper for the porch and used some leftover carpet scraps to cover some bad places in the original brown carpet.

Porch Before

Porch Wallpaper

The kitchen wasn’t big enough for all four chairs that came with the table, so I moved two of them to the porch.  What a view!

Porch After

The completed house!
House After

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