Scratch built garage shelves and goodies

by brae  

In between working on portions of the Greenleaf Spring Fling structure and accessories, I built a new set of shelves for the Newport.  The table I had used for the last setup was too large and actually meant for a different room in the house.

I made the new shelves from balsa wood following the instructions in Making Miniature Gardens by Freida Gray.  This is the same author that wrote the book I used to make the divan in the study.

This book has a lot of great ideas for gardens including plants and flowers as well as structures, furniture and accessories.  These shelves were very simple to put together.

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I used antique pine stain from IKEA - one of my favorite colors of stain.  It brought out the grain of the balsa and really warmed the overall look.

I think this works better for scale and for showing off the various minis I'll display here.  Nothing on it right now - waiting for the stain to cure.

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I've also received a few minis from a two international miniaturists.  First, two rya rugs made by the talented Glenda at Peppercorn Minis in New Zealand.  They're so soft and pretty I wish I were mini so I could run my toes through the pile!  :D

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The second is a tiny pitcher with flowers from the gifted Sylvia at lotjesdollshouse in The Netherlands.  I love the color and the clovers!

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Greenleaf 2010 Spring Fling Contest

by brae  

Work on the Newport will slow down for the next two months as I build a Greenleaf kit for their annual Spring Fling contest.  I have a couple of ideas, though I can't share them just yet.

But, I can share the first of the dry build photos.  The main kit is called a garage, but it can be a number of things.

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I also got the additional room.

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I will continue to work on the Newport in the meantime, but stayed tuned for the full story on the Spring Fling contest at the end of May!  :]  I have a ton of ideas to share.

Garage update

by brae  

I have been making some progress on the garage.  I cut grooves for the front lighting wires and put up the wallpaper (scrapbook paper by Martha Stewart in a color called swan, a very pale green).  I left the ceiling plain wood painted white since the surface was fairly smooth.

Next came the scary part of installing the Timberbrook garage door.  Scary because if something went wrong, it would mean a lot of work to repair.

I first cut some holes in the wallpaper so the glue would adhere to the wood and not just the paper.  I figured this would add to the stability of the door moving up and down.

After following the easy instructions of the kit, I decided lifting the door was still a little unstable.  I added a thin strip of wood connecting the ends of the ceiling track, and the door moved much more freely in the track.

The garage is technically removable from the main house, though the wires need to be disconnected before doing so.  I left it detachable in case I need to move the build sometime in the future.

I set up a few things I've acquired to put in the garage, though I have more planned for this space.

The car is a 1:14 scale remote control Audi TT.  The lights come on only when the car is in motion, so I had to prop up the back wheels to prevent movement as I photographed the car with the lights on.

Kitchen and dining room lighting

by brae  

I had previously installed range hood lighting...

...and made pendant lamps for the kitchen.

I bought a black chandelier for the dining area, but since the room is so deep it remained dark even with all the lamps lit.  Here I've taped Novalyte canned LEDs to the ceiling to supplement the existing lights.

It really brightens the room and will make for a very modern look once installed flush with the ceiling.

The rug under the dining table is a paper printout of the red Piazza rug by Dynamic Rugs.  The draperies are paper mockups; the pattern is Keisarinna by Marimekko.  I made the tapestry from June Tree by Natasha Westcoat.

Kits from the UK

by brae  

While buying supplies from a shop in the UK, I added a plant stand kit by McQueenie Miniatures to my order.  It's a beautiful kit made from mahogany that was very easy to put together.  I sealed the wood with satin varnish by Delta Ceramcoat to bring out the grain of the wood.

The hydrangea plant is by Falcon Miniatures.  I made the roses and bowl from quilling paper many years ago.  The rug is a paper printout of the Piazza rug by Dynamic Rugs.

The other kit came from Hazel Dowd, a different supplier in the UK.  The mannequins are sold premade as well, but I bought it unassembled at a lower cost.  It was a very easy kit, again with a wood base and cap beautiful enough to varnish without modification.

The wire hanger is by Handley House and the dress is a scrapbooking item by Jolee's by You.  I plan to make some clothing myself but couldn't pass up this beautiful dress in perfect scale.  :D  The brass coat hanger came from a furniture lot a friend gave to me.

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