Bagnall tall case clock completed

by brae  

Continuing work on the Bagnall clock.  After the stain dried, I used antiquing medium to fill in the more obvious portions of uneven stain and then sealed the wood with two thin coats of Delta Ceramcoat satin varnish.  It brought out the beauty of the wood and deep color of the stain for a perfect antique finish.

Since I had attempted to make this a working clock and drilled a hole in the kit face, I had to use a brass brad to fill in the middle point where the hands met.  It still looks natural to me.

The brass components included with the kit, while not easy to install, are high quality and really make all the difference.

The door hides the weights and pendulum, but it looks beautiful closed as well.

It fits the parlor wonderfully.   :D

It's a beautiful clock.

Pardon the baseboard gap - I haven't gotten around to cutting those yet.  ;]

Beautiful autumn fruit basket, a soft handmade rug and a small kitchen stool

by brae  

I plan to make some polymer clay food somewhere down the line, but when I saw this beautiful basket from Hungarian Miniatures on etsy I just knew it would be perfect for the Heritage.

You would not believe the amount of detail!  Bözse makes beautiful minis, and I am proud to display this wonderful creation in the Heritage.

I found this beautiful rug by Katie Arthur of Dollhouse Littles on etsy and loved it.  The texture of it is amazingly lifelike.

I really hadn't intended for it to be for the Heritage, but when I put it on the wood floor to photograph it the room felt complete with it.  I added the furniture and discovered that the round shape worked perfectly.  It didn't cover too much of the floor and didn't interfere with the legs of The Sofa.  The legs of the coffee table are thin enough so most of the rug shows underneath it.

The soft colors and light tone of the rug work well to tie in the fireplace in an otherwise dark room.

I started making a small Chrysnbon plastic stool for the kitchen.  It's from the Victorian bathroom kit and had been originally intended for Baxter Pointe Villa, but I ran out of time with that build.  I needed something to keep the flower pot off the floor and in case grandma needs to reach for something up high.  Right now it is just plain white plastic, but I'll paint it to give it an old, well worn look.  :D

Well, it'll still show the right time twice a day.

by brae  

I finished the preliminary assembly of the Bagnall clock by adding the turned posts and toppers.

In the last post, Marlene mentioned making the kit a working clock, but I hadn't even thought to do that since I liked the face that came with the kit.  Interestingly enough, I stumbled across a blog post detailing how to make a House of Miniatures grandmother clock kit into a working clock.  :D  I bought a pocket watch from Hobby Lobby and took it apart the same way.

I had even bought one with fancy hands so I could use the mechanism as a complete unit.

Unfortunately, it wasn't that simple to just swap out the faces.  At least, I don't know enough about watch movements and placement to get it to work.  I could see what needed to be done.  It just didn't work for me.

All was not a waste, though, since I was able to salvage the watch battery for the Reutter Porzellan clock I bought awhile ago.  And, I'll keep the clock hands and chain from the watch in my materials stash.

I thought about buying another Reutter clock just for the face, but it really wasn't that important to me to make the Bagnall clock a working clock.  It was the overall design that drew me in to begin with, including the beautiful face included with the kit (shown here with the plastic protective covering still in place).

So, I've gone ahead and stained the parts with Minwax English Chestnut to keep moving forward with the project.  I had used this stain on the parlor floor, but I originally bought it for this clock kit.

The wood took the stain unevenly because some of the surfaces are the "ends" of the wood and some are the "faces" of the wood grain.  I'll address that once the stain dries, but so far I love it!  :D

Kitchen table and chairs

by brae  

You might recall the House of Miniatures dining table and the Art of Mini Lilje chairs started out as sage green, which didn't work, and then were covered with sunflower yellow.  Since these are meant to be old chairs, likely repainted over the years, I rubbed a bit of the yellow off the top to let the green show through.  I then added a light coat of Delta Ceramcoat satin varnish.  It darkened the yellow and gave the set a nice, hand-painted look.  The one on the right is the finished chair.

There are a lot of great quilting cottons in the fabric stores, but finding the right scale isn't always easy.  There are some great miniature fabrics on the market, but they are most often found online and sometimes you just want to be able to see them in person.  I printed out a sheet of paper with a 1 inch square opening, a 1.5 inch square opening, and a 1" x 4" rectangular opening to take to the local fabric store.  Looks like robot!  :[]

The 1.5 inch square is roughly the size of an upholstered chair seat or a throw pillow.

Holding these over various fabrics allows me to see how small or large the patterns would be in miniature.

For the kitchen chairs, I chose a brown and ivory print.  I think it is close enough to the dark red to tie in well with the wallpaper.

Grandma is enjoying an iced tea and reading about lacemaking.  The paper doily is from, and the Clare Bell Brass silver Revere bowl is from Green Gables Dollhouse.  The apples were purchased some time ago, though I can't recall where.  The flowers are from Michelle at Little Rabbit Miniatures.

I love the soft sheen on the table from the satin varnish, and those cushions sure look comfy!  :D

Parlor coals

by brae  

Just a quick post tonight since I am catching up on some other things.  :D

I tried out the red bulb and resin coals for the Phoenix parlor hob grate.  I love the way it brings out the detailing in the fireplace, but I will probably paint the bulb to tone down the light.  I like the idea of sleepy embers in a warm, cozy room.

Oh, and someone said they didn't believe this was a mini you can see my dining room / work area.  :D  There sits the mini Heritage.

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