Lolly's Dollhouses

by brae  

A friend and I went to Lolly's Dollhouses and found some great treasures.

New pillows and furnishings

by brae  

I've been working on new minis over the past few months. These are all listed in my etsy shop.

Chicago Spring Showcase of Miniatures July 2021

by brae  

Whew! Long time since the last post. I've been reorganizing my house and crafting spaces, but I have also been making minis behind the scenes.

There was finally a mini show on! TheĀ Chicago Spring Showcase of Miniatures is on through Saturday, so you still have time to shop if you're in the Chicagoland area. It was great to see people I haven't seen since 2019! The time does fly by. Now, on to the goodies!

Calico Garden. Bee box

Bundt cake and peeps donuts

T&D Miniatures and Dollhouses. These folks are the hosts of the show. :]

All About Miniatures. Greg has a huge selection of kits in various scales, landscaping and delightful OOAK creations.

Sago palm

Herb table

Skeleton table

J and K Minis. They have a huge selection of unpainted metal minis.

Jancrafted. I bought the last of her amazing trees. I can't decide if I would plant it outside of a house or have a real Christmas tree indoors. Either way, Chester is sure to climb it. :D

She had vintage goodies as well.

A Pocket Full of Wishes. Always a wonderful collection of handmade and vintage minis. I love this sewing machine/spatula tractor! :D

This is such a cute gift-wrapped house.

A Little More in Miniatures. Another staple for landscaping and interesting accessories.

WCD Miniatures. A mix of vintage and new. I always find goodies here.

Breakfast in bed, coming right up!

D-Tales Miniatures. So many beautiful pieces to choose from.

itty bitty mini (m)art. A new vendor with a fantastic selection of retro tech. They have 1:6 scale as well.

Cluny Animals - introduction

by brae  

I've been meaning to tackle the Cluny Animals rug designed by the late Bobbie Schoonmaker for many years. There are other projects ahead of it, but I recently took some time working on re-charting the pattern in PatternMaker Pro. Charting into the software makes it easy to swap colors and make modifications to the layout, which is what I planned to do. Working on the chart little by little now means it will be ready for when I want to dive into stitching.

I drew a cat in the same style as the other animals to replace the original monkey, and it came out well if I do say so. I've decided on a size slightly smaller than the original with mine to be stitched in French knots. I made the border rabbits mirror one another and rearranged the placement and direction of the animals for a flow of color and direction more pleasing to me.

While meant as a rug, this size can also serve as a wall hanging.

Here is what the original looked like.

Watson Mill - update 2021

by brae  

I've been working on Watson Mill off and on since the end of 2015, building several other mini structures in between bouts of mill construction. I am back to the mill once again.

I had the structure covered while in storage in my workroom, so the dust didn't build up. The wallpaper in the bedroom buckled, though, from the fluctuations in humidity. I should have glued the thin, vintage paper to a backing paper to make it more substantial before gluing in place. I don't think I have enough to redo it, unfortunately. I would love to find the wallpaper again, but that's a long shot. It's vintage MiniGraphics called Gallery Flower. There were at least two colors of this paper, and this is a lighter beige.

After masking the edges of the wood floor, I wet the paper surface to weaken the glue.

I used a palette knife to scrape the paper away. It was rather easy work with such thin paper.

When I removed the wallpaper from the bedroom, the wall light did not survive. There's no way to rewire it, and of course it's discontinued. By miracle of miracles, I found another! Just have to wait for it to arrive. As for the wallpaper, I will have a look through the papers I have on hand and do a quick search for alternatives.

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