Sunflower garden

by brae  

One of the things I didn't get to before the Undersized Urbanite deadline was making a garden along the left side of the Studio.  I made two sunflowers but I need more!  :D

I've made Bonnie Lavish sunflowers before, and I highly recommend them.

But, I didn't have a kit so I tried to make them from scratch.  I followed this wonderful tutorial at MiniMumm: part 1 and part 2.  I made only a few changes to work with the materials I had on hand.  I used a Martha Stewart punch to make the yellow petals.  I shaped each petal with a stylus, making one long vein down the center.

For the brown centers, I used some scraps of Velour Card Stock from The Crafty PC.  I painted it with a wash of Bittersweet Chocolate by Americana and then used a studio g circle punch once the paint was dry.  I cupped the centers slightly by using a stylus on the back.  I glued the centers to heavy gauge floral wire and let them dry.

I added the petals one at a time around the outer edge.  Once dry, I followed with another round of yellow petals.  I cut more petals from green paper and used those to make the calyx.

For the leaves, I used the leftover Bonnie Lavish leaves since I didn't use them all for the ones I put in the striped vase.  I've ordered more leaves and will make a few more sunflowers using this same method once they arrive.  :D

New in my etsy shop

by brae  

I've had some time to finish up some items for my etsy shop now that the contest deadline has passed.  First is a resin faux wicker pet bed.  I've repainted and upholstered it with tiny paw print fabric.  :D  Ophelia thinks it's very comfortable.

I have a faux wicker garden seat as well.  I painted and upholstered it with polka dot fabric.

I refinished a vintage baby stroller and turned it into an upcycled whimsical planter.  :]  The plant is included.

I bought a few extra Barbara Meyer birds at the mini show and have been offering my usual birdfeeders with a bird and shepherd's hook.  I still offer the feeders as standalone items as well.

I have a few more items in the works and will post about them soon.  :]

Mini Modern Winter Holiday Swap 2012

by brae  

Mandy at Mini Modern Mind arranged a modern mini swap for the holiday season.  There were very few of us entered due to the late date, but it was still great fun!  :D

My swap partner was Anna from Anna's Miniatures, and the rules were as follows:

Each swap has to contain six items.
Nr.1: one of the items must be something big! Like for instance furniture...
Nr.2: the second item has to be an accessory. What kind is totally up to you
Nr.3: the third item has to be something for a dollhouse Christmas…
Nr 4: the fourth item has to be something that’s related to the room I’ve picked out of the hat for you. (Study)
Nr.5: the fifth item has to be something you’ve made your self. This can be whatever you can think of!
Nr.6: is a surprise item.

Anna sent me a lovely group of minis including the white side table.

There's birthday cake with a piece ready to eat.

There is a candle centerpiece with some pencils.

There are wrapped gifts.

There is an Easter coloring book with some colored pencils.

I used a couple of her items in The Artist's Studio, including the set of blue polka dot paper cups.

The resident artist has an iPad now, too!

She also sent a tiny horse that will likely stay in the Heritage attic.  Thank you, Anna, for the lovely minis.  :]

For Anna, I made a side table, two small plants, a roll of gift wrap and a matching present for display, two vintage books, a black and white tufted pillow, and a piggy bank (well, this last piece was purchased).

The side table was bashed from a House of Miniatures nightstand kit.  I left off the curved baseboards and used tiny bun feet instead.  I also left out the drawer to make it a bookshelf.  It was hard to photograph because of the dark color, but here you can see the fun lines of it.

Thank you also to Mandy for arranging a fun swap!!!  :D

Undersized Urbanite - Voting ends soon!

by brae  

Only two more days to cast your vote -- hopefully for The Artist's Studio!  :D

Voting in the Undersized Urbanite contest closes on May 12, 2013 at 8:00 PM (EST).  Follow this link to vote.

Bees and Trees

by brae  

I opened the package and sorted by yarns for the Teresa Layman Bees and Trees French knot rug.  I had most of the suggested colors on hand but substituted a few like colors for the missing ones.

It actually uses a combination of Colonial knots and French knots, neither of which are familiar to me.  I know I did a lot of them incorrectly at the start, but you can't tell.  :D  This is 2 hours of work, though I am sure to become more proficient as I go along.

I've never tried one of these but think French knot rugs provide the best illusion of proper scale in miniature.  I bought three of her kits at the 3 Blind Mice show, but opted for this one to start.  They are all similar in complexity, but this is the smallest of the three.

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