Fence or no fence?

by brae  

A long time ago, I planned a fence to surround the Heritage, and I know Lyssa is still a big fan.  But, I really love the way the Heritage looks just at this moment.

I wasn't sure if a fence would add or detract from the build, so I decided to do a quick mockup.  Yeah, it's pretty great.  :D

I'm thinking of making posts similar to those I made for the Juliet balcony to separate the fence sections from The Dolls House Emporium.

Here's a photo with half fenced and half unfenced.  The horses from Katie's Clay Corner will stand on the fence posts instead of the stair pillars if the fence is added.

Thoughts?  I have a feeling I already know what Lyssa is going to say.  :D

Turnaround staircase

by brae  

A long time ago, when I was planning the Heritage, I wanted to use a turnaround staircase.  I first saw this type of staircase in the Franklin Mint Heartland Hollow house that belonged to fellow Greenleaf member Jenn (Elsbeth) (see the rest of her wonderful photos here -- must be Greenleaf member to access).

From the kitchen side.

From the living room side.

I was not able to use these in the Heritage for lack of floor space, but I always planned to use them someday.  Well, that time has come!

My initial plan for the Spring Fling involved a spiral staircase, but the turnaround stairs offer a better solution.  Lyssa built a set of these in her Undersized Urbanite entry, so she's done some of the heavy lifting for me already.  :D  I also want to thank Sandra for sending me additional pictures of the staircase from her own Heartland Hollow.  They helped a lot with planning.

I started with a Houseworks narrow staircase kit.  I used a coping saw to cut two sections: one with three steps and one with six steps.

I built a box for the landing from scrap wood.

The base has an open back because it will sit against the wall instead of being out in the open like the inspiration photos.

I added pins to help hold the top section to the base.  The lower section will lean against the box.

Here's the basic structure.  I will finish the front, top and sides of the box when I get to the decorating phase.

Yes, the Spring Fling kit is a single story, one room structure.  But, now you know that my build requires a staircase.  :D

Prairie Rug - 3.5 hours

by brae  

Now that I have a decent amount of the Prairie rug completed, I thought I'd give you a quick update.  This area took 3.5 hours to stitch, and at this point I am still going slowly to make sure I maintain good coverage on the background.  It's relatively easy to go back and add more loops in, but I figure it's worth taking it slower and not having to rework areas later on.

As you can see, it's much faster than French knot work or cross-stitch.  :]  And, the more you fill in, the better it looks.

Prairie rug in punchneedle

by brae  

I've been meaning to give punchneedle a try since I bought the fine rug for the Heritage from Katie Arthur of Dollhouse Littles.  I love doing cross-stitch but it does have its drawbacks for absolute realism in mini.  As noted previously, French knot rugs offer the best illusion of rugs in scale, but they are also time consuming.  Punchneedle seems to be a good compromise.  I am still working on the Bees and Trees French knot rug, but it will be finished relatively quickly since it's small.

For the Brownstone, I need two large area rugs.  These will be larger than any of the cross-stitch rugs I've made so far, so I figured they would be a good place to experiment with punchneedle.

I found this beautiful Prairie rug on Mitchell's Interiors and printed it out at 9" x 6" for the living room.  It would be gorgeous in French knots but that would take forever!  :O  Well, it would be in the Navajo rug range or higher, put it that way.  :D

I bought some poly/cotton fabric at Joann Fabrics and the Dee Lite extra small punchneedle from Punchneedle Marketplace.  (Here's the punchneedle.)  Where I have it set, the pile height is approximately 1/16" -- the dark blue guide is adustable, but there's a minimum setting to get the loops to hold without pulling back out.

I also picked up Aunt Martha's Tracing Paper and a Sulky Iron-On transfer pen in black.

The paper wasn't as sheer as it perhaps should be for tracing, so I made a high contrast printout for this part.  If I couldn't produce a good quality contrast print, I'd probably have to use a different paper.

I traced the rug using the transfer pen.  It has a relatively fine tip for details and works well.  Obviously, this was not an intricate design to trace, but I think it would manage well enough to get the basic details drawn in.  I can always stitch in more detail than the drawn pattern.

I did a small test sample first.  I was able to get four transfers, though the last was a little light.

I transferred the pattern to the fabric.  It shifted slightly so some of the lines are thicker...operator error.  Next time, I will tape it in place.

I threaded the needle with one strand of DMC floss.  Now, I'm ready to work!  :D  Actually, I need a slightly larger hoop...but this will get me started.

Now I just need to learn how to punchneedle!  :O  The page reads, "Never punch a row of stitches and give up!"  I completely agree!  I was not at all sold with my first few rows...so I did a box.

Love it!  :D

Hasegawa 1:12 scale furniture kits

by brae  

Awhile back, a Greenleaf member posted about some Hasegawa kits he saw on eBay.  I really liked the look of them and when I decided to go ahead with the HBS Creatin' Contest, I figured I would order the kits from tokyo-hobby on eBay.  Only one of these is planned for the contest build, but I ordered all three since I wanted to save on shipping and I liked the other kits, too.

They are molded in color, but I will likely spray paint them besides.  Even when plastic kits come molded in color, you can achieve even better results by painting them.  They look like good quality, but I'll know more once I put one together.

The school desk and chair kit contains three full sets and comes with a printed parquet floor (the other two did not have a flooring sheet).  The meeting table and chairs kit contains two full sets, and the grey desk and chair kit is single set.  So, which one is for the contest build you ask?  The one with the most parts, of course!  :D

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