Bedroom wallpaper - the real deal, part 1

by brae  

With the patterned paper copies ready to serve as templates, I started cutting the actual scrapbook paper - Out of Time by Recollections.

I cut all pieces before starting to glue them in place.

Unlike solid cardstock papers, printed papers often have a white paper core.  When you score along the paper to make a crisp edge, the white core can show.  As expected, the scored lines showed readily since the paper is black printed on white paper and any exposed core showed as a white line.

I ran a grey marker along the scored creases and exposed edges to mask these white lines.  Here was my test scrap, used to find which of the various markers I had would be the best color match.

The front window wall piece required some trimming.  I used a light colored pencil to mark the inside lines of the interior trim.

I cut outside these lines.

I checked the fit with the trim - no wallpaper showing.  :]

I also had to finish the interior portion of the diecut openings that would show through.  They aren't the cleanest, but they are workable enough for me.  I can get away with sloppy chipped paint since this is an old house.  Note to April (or anyone else who is building a Heritage) - had I wanted this to be a more pristine house, I would have finished these before assembly.  It was hard to work with them upright.

I am now ready to install the paper, with my one spare full sheet of paper in the wings.  :]

The Artist's Studio - landscaping base and vintage lighting

by brae  

I eliminated one layer of builders foam after adding a piece of 1/2" thick plywood for the base.  I've glued the layers in place and sculpted in a rough hill.  The extra bit on the right side will be for the walkway up to the deck.

The plywood bowed upward in the middle, so I soaked the wood by running water over the board and then weighted the whole thing down to dry.

I gave the landscape a quick coat of gesso.  The sides and back will be finished with faux retaining walls.  I had the idea in mind already, but Lyssa's fabulous Mt. Ollopa Lodge cinched it for me.  :D  The edge of the plywood base will have simple wood trim.

Remember this beauty from The Newport?  It's an original Lundby red and white polka dot wall sconce that I removed my from childhood dollhouse.  It shows its age, but I still think it's great.  This is what it looked like before rewiring.

And, this is what it looked like in The Newport powder room.

I removed it before the sale since it held sentimental value for me.  As luck would have it, I recently found two others on eBay in roughly the same condition.  I will rewire those as well and use all three in the Studio.  I think they'll be marvelous vintage additions to the eclectic vibe I'm going for.

Blue medallion update - 85.75 hours

by brae  

Back on schedule for the monthly updates on the blue medallion rug.  I've started building the border for the center medallion and carrying the outer border down the sides.  This is 85.75 hours of work.

Holiday dress...

by brae  

So, what has been keeping me from minis this past week?  Sewing a holiday party dress...more here.

There are power tools in the house!

by brae  

I recently won a set of Dremel attachments from Mins and have had it in mind to find a Dremel during the usual holiday sales.  April noticed a great deal on Amazon for a 3-tool set including the Trio, a regular Dremel and a Multi-Max oscillating tool all for less than $100.  After applying some rewards points, I ended up with these three tools and a smattering of included accessories for $26.31!  Score!  :D

Here are some close-ups of the box to show you some of what these do.  Cutting and sanding...

Cutting, sanding and routing...

Cutting, sanding, polishing, etc.

Here's a picture of the accessories set I won.

A friend has offered to stop by and show me some tips and tricks, which is perfect for me!  I find it easier to learn by seeing someone else do than by trial and error, especially since my main power tool experience is with a drill.  :O

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