Side gable eaves and trim

by brae  

I completed the gable eaves and trims for the open side gable as I had done for the front gable.  This time, I added the finishing trim between the eave and the house before adding the gingerbread.

Before adding the outer edge trim, I checked the fit and cut any excess from the forward edge.  The photo is a little blurry, but you can see the unpainted portion where I cut away the excess.

When I shingled the edges of both side gables, the shingles didn't protrude over the edge as much as they had for the front gable and front dormer.  The trim here sticks out just a little farther than the shingles, so I painted the top edge of the trim to match the roof to make it blend more.  Again, it was hard to photograph with the way the house is sitting under the lights.

Some of the half scale shingles on the gable shrank away from the arch window and in the middle.  This didn't happen on the front gable, and I used the same glue and paint processes on each.  Who knows?  It works, though, for my falling apart manor.  ;]

I like the way the two finished gables look together.  :]

New back roof, continued

by brae  

Before gluing on the new back roof, I drilled pilot holes for pins to reinforce the joins.

I glued on the new back roof, adding Tyvek reinforcement over the roof ridge.  The final finishing of the roof ridge will cover it.

I shingled the new back roof, adjusting the shingles I had cut using the template.  Here is the right side.

And, the left side.  The chimney is still removable.

There are two long rows of shingles to complete the top.  Before gluing on the top row, I taped it in place and marked where the roof ridge hit behind them.  I cut the shingle strips along that line and glued them in place.

I taped and clamped the shingles to dry overnight.  :]

The big push forward on Heritage completion, part 2

by brae  

Continued from yesterday's long list of accomplished tasks.  :D

I added the final trim for the front gable between the eave and the house.  I find that the more trim I add, the more realistic the house seems.  (Note to April: if you plan on adding finishing trim like this, do it before adding the fancy gable gingerbread...trying to get my fingers in this space was interesting.)  Yes, I am aware I need a wasp's nest or hanging bat here.  :D

I added the final trim for the front dormer on the outer edges and at the inner eave.  I had to use tweezers to glue the inner trim in place.  All that's left for the dormer is the roof ridge finishing.

I finished all but one of the remaining attic wall board pieces and installed them.  Had to use the mirror again to work.

I glued in the beams and rafters in the two side gables and cut rough rafter lengths for the adjacent walls that will be trimmed to the correct length during final installation.  I trimmed around the chimney, and I love the way it looks.  :D

I installed the main long beam made from the triangular strip wood used in the forward gable.  Because the angle of the roof changes with the added back dormer, the triangular beam spans only between the two new roof side addition walls.  The unpainted portion will be covered by the new roof back piece.   It is secured mostly by tension with a spot of glue and tape in the middle.

I glued on the flat roof and while that was drying, I cut the shingles for the new back roof using a paper template.  I had to work from the top down so the shingles would align correctly over the open back and along each side section.

I taped the completed template onto the house to see if the layout works well.  The back roof isn't as long top to bottom as the other roof pieces, so the shingle pattern had to be adjusted slightly as well.  I omitted the bottom diamond section but kept the top one.  The chimney notch will be adjusted when I shingle the final roof piece, but I've left those pieces long for now.

My to-do list was longer, but I ran out of steam.  :D

The big push forward on Heritage completion, part 1

by brae  

I wouldn't say I've been slacking on my two current builds, but I felt it was time to spend a weekend truly dedicated to making as much progress as possible.  The Undersized Urbanite contest ends on May 4, so The Artist's Studio needs to be completed by then.  I also have a killer idea for the new HBS Creatin' Contest for 2013 that ends in December of this year, but we have yet to see the new 2013 Greenleaf Spring Fling kit.

To that end, I have to get the Heritage finished.  It will be my first non-contest completed build, and to me, that's a huge milestone for a miniaturist.  We all flit from idea to idea and often houses that don't have contest deadlines end up 95% built.  I am getting so close to having the structure itself completed for the Heritage.  After that, the things that remain will be decorating the bedroom and attic spaces and finishing up the landscaping.

So, I push!  :D

I painted and installed the ceiling trim in the bedroom.  It's a simple, flat strip wood trim, but it really brings it all together.  It hides the slight gaps as well as the tabs and slots in the front and outer walls.

I cut and installed the wallpaper on the roof addition in the bathroom.   I added one small strip of trim on the outer wall to disguise the tab and slot that had been showing in that area.  I also added ceiling trim along the front wall to hide the slight gap there.  I will add more trim around the outer wall here, but the height of the bathroom door makes it impossible to add the same trim to the inner wall.

I added the remaining side roof piece and its roof addition wall.  I used the same pin technique used for the opposite side to help counteract any warping in the attic floor.  I added some Tyvek reinforcements to the attic interior and over the roof ridge.  The roof ridge finishing will cover this patch.

I shingled the back roof piece, first by making a template and then shingling directly onto the house before painting the new shingles to match.  Moss will come later.


I cut and installed the final amount of bedroom wallpaper (I still need to add more flat ceiling trim around this corner to complete the room).  There was a slight gap between the roof board and the gable wall, so I also added a thin strip of trim along the angled wall that you can't see unless you put your head inside the room.  :D

I cut the new back roof piece from 1/8" thick plywood using my foam template as a guide and then primed both sides with black acrylic paint.  I finished the top of the flat roof with sandpaper and painted it black, too.  Both final roof pieces remain unattached at this point.

I cut paper templates for the attic roof boards and shingles for the new back roof piece.

Next, I have a whole bunch of trim to add to the house, and most of it needed to have white paint crackled over black.  Figuring it would be easiest to paint first and then add touchups to any clipped ends, I painted all of the long strips of wood whole.  Those are drying right now...and it has been a long day of mini work.  Productive, though.  :D

Continued in part 2...

Grandma's attic stuff, part 1

by brae  

I already have a smattering of things for the attic, but two new minis from barblip just arrived today.  :D

First, a little fuzzy lamb pull toy.

This thing is too stinkin' cute!

Second, a primitive snowman statue.  He fits right in with the Christmas box from M Carmen.

Major progress planned for the weekend, so I'll see you then!  Cheers!

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