Rustic wood ceiling

by brae  

My initial idea for the ceiling in The Artist's Studio was to have a wood plank surface here as well as on the floor.  This is a mockup with a sheet of Southern Pine flooring propped in place.  I would need to have finishing trim around the edges since it is just a fraction too short.

I do like it but am not sure if it will work for a number of reasons.  The wood of the floor and that of the ceiling won't be a precise match.  The wood used for the floor is too thick to also use on the ceiling, and I doubt I would have enough to cover the ceiling surface.  It might be too much natural wood grain for a smaller space.

I could grey-wash the ceiling wood to keep the grain but tone down the natural wood tones  (see this example from Armstrong).  I was also planning to paint the trim and windows white.

The walls in the living area will be grey - possibly two tones of grey: Daler-Rowney Dreadnought Grey and Canson Pearl Grey (shown here with Canson Ivory used in the bathroom).

I'll finish up the floor and install the wallpaper before making a final decision.

Rustic wood floor, part 1

by brae  

My scroll saw and I are getting acquainted quickly.  :D  I started cutting and placing the wood boards for the rustic floor.  I'm doing my best to make it a random plank floor by using the various lengths Mike cut for me and then piecing end boards to finish each row.

My scroll saw is clamped to the end of the dining room table (I just had an image of carving a Thanksgiving turkey with it...haaaa!).  The Artist's Studio, however, is set up in the breakfast nook in my kitchen.  That setup seemed like a lot of back and forth work.  I moved the Studio to the dining room, but the light isn't the best in that area.  So, I'm using my sewing lamp as a work light.  Not quite to scale, is it?

I decided to cut and place the entire floor without glue.  I'm positive Mike sent me plenty of wood, but I wanted to see it whole before installing it permanently.  Love it!

Toward the front, I interspersed the Dura-Craft wood I had at the start.  I've left the very front edge uncovered and will finish that row once the whole floor is glued in place.

Roof ridge finishing

by brae  

Today, I went to mom's to do my taxes; she's an accountant.  I will be getting a nice refund again this year.  :D  Last year, I bought myself a beautiful ring...this year, I'll be buying a dishwasher.  Haaaaaaaaaaa!

With the roof shingles applied and painted, the only thing left was to finish the roof ridges.  I thought about doing lapped shingles but didn't like the way it looked on the dormer when I tried it.  It doesn't look terrible here in this photo, but there were a lot of gaps on the top and it just looked off.

I decided to go with 1/4" corner trim from Manchester Woodworks, which is also an easier solution.  I used the scroll saw to make the's a wonderful machine!

I used old Dura-Craft strip wood to enclose the flat roof portion.  I didn't trim around the bottom edge, because I didn't like the way it looked.

I painted the new pieces to match the roof.

It already looks more finished, but once the moss is on it will blend better.  :]

Blue medallion rug update - 121.75 hours

by brae  

Rounding the bend on the third corner of the blue medallion rug, but is there ever a ton left to do!  :O

This is 121.75 hours of work.

A mini dream realized

by brae  

I have another beautiful creation by Mary of Roslyn Treasures.

This is the previous afghan she made.

Some time ago, I found this real life afghan pattern on and thought it would be perfect in miniature.  I contacted Mary since her workmanship is flawless.

Mary adapted the real life pattern into a perfect miniature interpretation.

She works with sewing thread and I have to tell you, the level of detail in her stitches is just amazing.  As someone who crochets in real life size, I am in awe of her ability to do the same craft in miniature.

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