Blue medallion update - 85.75 hours

by brae  

Back on schedule for the monthly updates on the blue medallion rug.  I've started building the border for the center medallion and carrying the outer border down the sides.  This is 85.75 hours of work.

Holiday dress...

by brae  

So, what has been keeping me from minis this past week?  Sewing a holiday party dress...more here.

There are power tools in the house!

by brae  

I recently won a set of Dremel attachments from Mins and have had it in mind to find a Dremel during the usual holiday sales.  April noticed a great deal on Amazon for a 3-tool set including the Trio, a regular Dremel and a Multi-Max oscillating tool all for less than $100.  After applying some rewards points, I ended up with these three tools and a smattering of included accessories for $26.31!  Score!  :D

Here are some close-ups of the box to show you some of what these do.  Cutting and sanding...

Cutting, sanding and routing...

Cutting, sanding, polishing, etc.

Here's a picture of the accessories set I won.

A friend has offered to stop by and show me some tips and tricks, which is perfect for me!  I find it easier to learn by seeing someone else do than by trial and error, especially since my main power tool experience is with a drill.  :O

Holiday Cookie Swap

by brae  

This year, I participated in a mini cookie swap arranged by Gail at Dolly's Gallery Miniatures.  Gail made glitter stars and trees, and Denise made gingerbread men.  Gail also included some glitter snowflakes, and I've used one on the snowman wrapped package as a bow (yes, I now see the blood is rushing to their heads - I'll have to flip the package).  The wreath I bought a couple of years ago, and the doily is from Stewart Dollhouse Creations.

The mouse is from a box of miniatures a group of us send around as an ongoing swap, so I'm not sure whom to credit.  Here she is with the topiary I made this past week.  Cutie.  :D

I made the cards and wrapped gifts, and the plates are from A Lavender Dilly (topiaries!).

Denise and Gail sent some extras: holiday plates, a cookie box and a serving platter that I didn't get the chance to set up...but I have to stop playing and get some work done today!  :D  Thank you, Gail and Denise, for a lovely swap!

Little potted topiaries

by brae  

I love topiaries...and I've made the taller outdoor kind once before.  They have faded since then, in case you're wondering how the cilantro fared.  :D

Using tiny Squeeze Me bushes this time, I made a few tabletop topiaries for interior decorating.  This one was my test subject, and I loved it so much as is that I left the stem unpainted.  This one will live with me.

These two, however, are both listed separately in my etsy shop.

Here's a penny for scale.

They are perfect for a kitchen, mantle display or a conservatory.

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