Tags for the devil wagon

by brae  

I've been working on getting through the remaining steps for the Model T Van, and things have not been going well.  Mishaps with the insanely delicate steering and suspension parts means the wheels had to be glued so they will not turn or spin.  The model is still salvageable overall for looks, so far that is, but it's disappointing that it won't be poseable or roll around.  But, I forge ahead...

Apparently, license plates started out as porcelain not stamped metal, and the 1913 Model T Van fits squarely in that timeframe.  This is an awesome article on porcelain plates.  I find it amusing (and not surprising) that tags came about due to miscreants wreaking havoc on the general public in their "devil wagons."  :D  Yes, I so would have been one of those miscreants.

I measured the plate holders for the model and printed up some old time plates.  I edited the image to remove imperfections and the long holes that would have been part of the plate.  Instead of making these stamped like my previous versions, these are finished in a smooth gloss surface using Triple Thick.  They are glued on with paint dabs simulating screws.  Crank it up and hit the road!  We're street legal!  :]


by brae  

There's a new bird in my collection.  :D  It's becoming rather a zoo around here.  This is Grover, and he is a Great Horned Owl made by tmd_art on eBay.

The feathers are so well done and true to life.  Looks like he's found a rather good perch on the railing of Roland's Retreat.

Even the box he came in is a work of art.  :D

Flip your lid

by brae  

I cut down the roof boards to fit the modifications I made to the kit, and glued them as one unit.  To finish the roof, I used asphalt shingles by What's Next (found a vintage lot of these on eBay a few years back).  I love the way these look and have used them on two builds in the past.  I know there are new versions on the market, but I haven't used those. I would imagine they are similar.

I use Quick Grip glue and masking tape to hold each row as it dries.  I also press down from time to time as it cures and wait in between rows.  It's a lengthy process, but I do other things while waiting for the rows to catch.  The material can be finicky, so I used super glue gel to hold down any wayward shingles after the roof was done.

The roof ridge is finished with heavy paper sprayed with stone finish spray paint.  I've done a shingle lap before, but I just didn't like the results I was getting this time around.

As for whether asphalt was a correct material to use in 1915, well, you'll be happy to know I did look it up.  :D  Looks like 1915 was just around the time this material started to kick into high gear.

I wanted finished eaves, and I initially tried scoring the mdf boards.  That wasn't as clean as I wanted, so I used some super thin scored wood sheets from my stash and cut piece by piece.  I added trims around the edge to hold it all in place and disguise the fact that the roof is removable.

From underneath, it looks clean and solid.  :]

Plantings and mowing...

by brae  

I've spent the past couple of days landscaping.  The tree and grass have been planted, and the dirt and gravel put in place.

I made one branch to fit over the roof, because who is going to climb a ladder to trim it?

I used Fine Ballast Dark Brown by Woodland Scenics for the dirt and Woodland Scenics Ballast left over from Baslow Ranch for the gravel.  It's all set in place with Woodland Scenics Scenic Cement.  I've planted the black-eyed Susans along the front, too.

The grass is Heki Wild Grass in dark green.

Now there's finally something to mow.  :D

Happy Thanksgiving!

by brae  

What else should be featured on Thanksgiving but food!  :D  In case you hadn't noticed with all the minis completed around here, I've had the week off from work.  So, today just feels like another vacation day, but I get yummy dinner at mom's.

Today, I dragged out the clay and made some carrots using the tutorial from Sugar Charm Shop.  I made a few stumps to plant and two full carrots for show.

I used reindeer moss for the tufts.

I also made a few more mushrooms, using Peiwen Petitgrand's book on making clay food.

There's also a tutorial for carrots in here, too.

I also made some more Moo Cow cookies for etsy.  :D

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