Happy Halloween 2016

by brae  

It's Halloween and payday, two things that brighten a Monday.  :D  This year, my mini scene is lighter and more festive than scary.

Our lovely seamstress Cherry is all dressed up in her monarch butterfly costume.

She and Lowell are the first dolls I've ever made.

Cherry is putting the finishing touches on Lowell's scarecrow costume.  They're hoping to win a prize in the costume contest.  :D

I've set up the Maple Room to be a craft room.

I made two more fabric bolts, this time with my black cat pillow fabric and a ghost fabric I found online.  It's a design by Timeless Treasures, and the original is glow in the dark.  I made a ghost pillow, too, but not in time for these photos.

Miss Kitty is hard to see there in the corner.  She's a lovely doll made by PamelaJunkMinis, who has since retired from making minis.

The wall calendar features the artwork of Theo van Hoytema.  I edited the art to make an October 1915 calendar for the Creatin' Contest, but I figured it would work well here.  The owl looks positively perturbed -- too cute!  :D  The stag head is a jewelry finding from Hobby Lobby.  I'll have to put a chain on it to wear.

Such a lovely collection of random treasures.

I made the sewing patterns by printing the front and back of two Simplicity patterns and added a bit of real pattern tissue to the inside.  I thought these were good starting points for the two costumes I made for the dolls.  Here's the ghost pillow, too.

Jennifer at aMusingMiniatures custom made the seam roll for me.  It's simply perfect, just like the real deal!  :D

Meeko has on his bat wings, because he is not about to miss out on the trick or treating tonight!  Happy Halloween!

Additional credits:

Bodo Hennig sewing machine from eBay, thimble and needle box from Vilia Miniatures; Bespaq vanity stool borrowed from the Haunted Heritage.  Jack-o'-lantern by 64tnt Miniatures; stool by BoutiqueMiniatures.  Bat bag from Sandy McHenry (local show).

Pumpkin with candle by Marikes Magical Minis, large books are from L Delaney. Hat stand from Minimum World; deer stalker hat by Bobbie Johnson from Norm's Dollhouse.  Jeweled mask, frog prince and broom from Hobby Lobby.  Sad candle by 64tnt Miniatures; pumpkin candy wand from A Pocket Full of Wishes (local show). The mannequin was made from a Hazel Dowd kit.  Top hat by Heidi Ott.

Hat boxes by Gypsy Boudoir Miniatures; woven rug by Iklectic Kollectibles (local show); Meeko the cat by JMDS.  I made Cherry, Lowell, the pillows, skeleton flamingos, copper plant stand and country table.  All other minis were purchased from various vendors at local shows.

Halloween Eve 2016

by brae  

I have something else planned for a Halloween post, but a recent acquisition calls for its own feature.

These adorable bats and tree are the work of Olga Proshina.  One has open wings.

The other is wrapped up tight.  :]  Both have super cute expressions and are removable from the tree, so they can be used in other scenes.

The moon is Uncle Milton's Moon in My Room.

Names!  I forgot to ask their names.  How rude, but I was so excited!  :D  They are Lucius (wrapped tight) and Igraine (open wings).

1913 Model T Van, part 8

by brae  

Continuing work on the Model T Van.  The kit comes with tubing and wires to add realistic detailing to the engine compartment.  The thin tubing is rather stiff, so in just about every instance it has broken off the tiny plastic rod that's supposed to hold it in place.  =rolls eyes and mutters a swear=  Instead of fighting a losing battle, I just snapped off the rods and drilled holes instead.  :D  Now the tubes and wires are secure with super glue and there are no parts to snap off under pressure.

They do add so much, no?

I've got the body panels in process behind the scenes and I am up to that point in the instructions, so it's time to jump around a bit while those are finished.  The front and rear cabins are separated by a wall with an oval window.  Since the pre-cut micro wood panel didn't fit well, I cut a new one instead.  Since I knew I would never match the wood grain on the frame, I painted it black.  I've stained all the micro wood with Minwax Cherry sealed with Delta Ceramcoat gloss varnish.

The back of the panel was to be left bare except for the very top, so I cut a piece of micro wood to finish it as well.  I might have to do some trimming later in case this throws off the fit, but the wood is very thin and shouldn't cause too many issues.  The oval window is meant to be installed from the back, but it looked unfinished to me without a frame on both sides.  Since I have two kits, I was able to use both windows and have a frame on each side.

The black roof portions were sprayed flat black to even out the tone followed by Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover sealer in semi-gloss clear.

On the inside of the front roof, there's an included wood piece cut to fit.  It's stained and sealed to match the rest of the wood.

I prepped the radiator, which will be needed in the steps to come.  It might need a few flies.  :D

Oh, and it's National Cat Day.  :D  Hooray for furry friends!

Fall sale on etsy

by brae  

Just in case you were eyeing anything in my etsy shop, I am offering free shipping with a minimum $30 purchase to U.S. addresses through November 8.  Use code OTTERINESHIP30 during checkout.

Ticking things off the list

by brae  

We've all been speaking of lists.  Mine is also a bear.  :\  I've been trying to do at least one thing per evening and concentrating on longer sessions on the weekends.  Tonight, I worked on an etsy order and then finished up the black-eyed Susans.  Say it with me, "Each thing I do is one less thing to be done."  :]

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