A Coral Pink Christmas, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the two coral pink Christmas trees. Time to make ornaments. I'm using Swarovski Elements 8mm beads.

A tiny crimp bead serves as the topper.

I had some thin wire in my stash that worked perfectly for the loop, formed with round tip pliers.

I don't know if I will tie strings on the loops or just glue the ornaments in place.

A Coral Pink Christmas, part 2

by brae  

Starting on the two coral pink Christmas trees. These have large wood bases that I don't want for the final display.

I used a drill to make holes around the center wire while trying to not break through too harshly and grab the brush fibers.

It loosened the hold just enough where I could twist the base off without damaging the tree. I will use the bases to hold the trees upright during decoration but will figure out a better, smaller solution for the end display.

I bought retro looking tree toppers from WCD Miniatures at the local mini show. I needed to shave off some brush from the top to get it to sit well, but I will wait until the end to glue in place.

I'm using 3V warm white string lights from Evan Designs. These have 26 "bulbs" over 29.5 inches of wire, with a few inches of wire at the end.

After determining which side I wanted for the front of the tree, I wrapped the lights around and gave it a test. Love it! :D

I bought monochromatic beads for the ornaments. My plan is to add small gold or silver toppers with wire to hang, but we'll see if my sanity holds out for that. :D

And, of course, there is garland. These are Kreinik Micro Ice Chenille spools, but I'm not sure which variation I will use.

Chicago Auturm Showcase of Miniatures November 2021

by brae  

I attended the Chicago Autumn Showcase of Miniatures last night and it's still on today, so you have time to shop if you're in the Chicagoland area.

T&D Miniatures and Dollhouses. Cooler, milk crates, bee apron and kitchen items, laundry basket.

A Pocket Full of Wishes. A pretty cat picture.

WCD Miniatures. Vase, snake, carryout containers, herb/spice set, slinky.

Susan McCay. She has the cutest tiny bears, bunnies and other animals. The bears are removable from their bases so you can use them in miniature scenes.

itty bitty mini (m)art. Love all their retro goodies! I didn't have an Atari system when I was younger (had a ColecoVision system), but I could not pass up this up!

A Coral Pink Christmas

by brae  

I'm planning a coral pink Christmas! If all goes well, there will be one tree for me to keep (I mean, for Chester to climb) and one for sale.

I bought these bottle brush trees last year but had no time to work with them. I have lights, garland and an assortment of beads to make ornaments.

Happy Halloween 2021!

by brae  

Lucius and Igraine wish you a very Happy Halloween from the Haunted Heritage.

Grandma had best close that window unless she wants additional guests.  :D

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