Wood stove, part 2

by brae  

Continuing work on the wood stove.

I glued the back and sides around the foam core base.  I cut another piece of foam core for the top and taped in place (no glue yet).

I added the foam core lining to the sides and back.  I tested my small fire, and it still looks like there is a lot of space on either side.

I borrowed the fire from The Aero Squadron Lounge, which is glued to its holder, and it seems a better fit side to side.

I cut a thin frame for the window to make the door.

I glued the window into the frame, using super glue gel to attach the diamond insert.  I will use the scrap of mat board to cut an acrylic window for the door later in the build.

I glued the front to the stove, still leaving the upper foam core piece separate.

I added a thin layer of spackling along the joins to smooth any small gaps.

I cut a top for the stove and glued it to the top foam core piece.

This will now serve as a locking lid for the stove.  I can't glue it as a solid unit until I get the stove painted and the flickering LED installed.

I added thin wood trim around the base and a narrow ledge under the door for detailing.  I'm still thinking about whether I want to hinge the door or just glue it on with faux hinges.  I'm planning to use a battery operated flickering LED for the fire, so I shouldn't have to access the interior.  I dunno.  :D  Right now, I have it held on with mini hold wax.  I will paint it separately, either way.

I added a lower tray made from foam core covered on the sides with mat board.  I am guessing that detail on the original might be a tray that collects ashes?

I will use the round dowel that came with the HBS Loft kit to serve as the stove pipe, but I am going to wait to cut it until after the stove is finished and I have the final placement marked in the Studio.  I might leave it whole and cut an opening in the ceiling, using the extension above the roofline as a chimney.   Seems Cora has figured out where the warmth is coming from.

Yeah, I love it so far!  :D

Time for spray paint...  :[ 

I suppose, I can work on the brick surround while I await Spring.  :D


Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
It looks SO good! I do see how you could think the fire is too small in person, but it looks quite nice to me in the pictures. It's very focused and clean. :) I'm interested to see how you paint the foam core. I got a few pieces recently, but I'm not sure how they will hold paint. I've seen many of our friends do AMAZING things with foam core, though, so I know it CAN be done!
02/20/13 @ 22:18
Comment from: Rosamargarita [Visitor]
Un trabajo IMPECABLE, perfecto! Un abrazo
02/20/13 @ 23:04
Comment from: Audra [Visitor]
I spray paint in my basement. Not ideal, but it gets the job done. I will do a little at a time so it doesnt stink up the whole house. Once the piece is sprayed, I will put a box over top of it. Doubt that does any good, the fumes are all over by then!
02/21/13 @ 04:00
Comment from: Lyssa [Visitor]
You are so freaking awesome. Stop. IT! :D Do I see shiny red in your future?!
02/21/13 @ 06:05
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks so much! :>> I do love a shiny red stove...but I keep coming back to the ivory ones like my inspiration photos. I think that is the way to go, especially in a smaller space. I'm afraid the shiny red stove would steal the show. :))
02/21/13 @ 07:39
Comment from: Jane [Visitor]
It turned out fantastic! Get your butt outside in that snow and spray! I got secret for you. >=) Place a tray of baking soda in a large tupperwear bin, after you have gone outside and gotten frostbite on your toes and the spray has dried a bit put your item in the bin "next to" the soda tray over night to remove odors. Obviously..use a lid to trap odor and don't get it in soda &#59;) that's what I do up here in the Antarctic..er I mean NY
02/21/13 @ 10:09
Comment from: Kikka [Visitor]
Beautiful! Like it!
02/21/13 @ 13:14
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
A wonderful tutorial! It helps also that you are such a good photographer and your photos are so big and clear. One never needs to enlarge them. I love that door. I don't think it matters if you can't open and close it. Not if you don't have to access anything inside.
02/21/13 @ 15:49
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks so much! :>> Yeah, yeah...I'm just afraid the paint will get messed up in the cold. I don't want to start over. :no:
02/21/13 @ 18:23
Comment from: Mona [Visitor]
Great! Thanks for sharing how you made it :)
02/22/13 @ 23:28
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
02/25/13 @ 11:14
Comment from: Phuong light [Visitor]
The stove is gorgeous! I am making one right now for my attic. Thank you for sharing and teaching.
09/17/15 @ 16:02

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