Which came first, the shrub or the egg?

by brae  

The egg, naturally.  :D  Styrofoam eggs to be precise.

I'm a huge fan of Squeeze Me trees and shrubbery, but if you need a lot of them, it can get very pricey.  So, I'm making the pieces myself.  Here are the tree forms, purchased from Hobby Lobby.

I started by checking placement around the structure.

Next, I gently shaped the eggs by rolling them on a piece of cardboard.

I then pressed the bottoms flat and shaped the lower edge.

This makes for a more natural shrub shape than a true egg.

Since each one turns out slightly different from the next, they look more natural overall.  Of course, since shaping them made them smaller, I needed to add one to each side from my initial count.  I ended up using all 18 eggs.

The trees were done similarly by rolling on cardboard, though I cut away bits to make them much skinnier than their original forms beforehand.

I placed each form onto a bamboo skewer for finishing.

I painted them Plantation Pine by Americana, mixed with a little black to darken the green undercoat.  I stippled the paint on with a bristle brush for better coverage.

A cardboard box serves as a great holder as the paint and other finishes dry.

I brushed the shapes with Aleene's Quick Dry glue and sprinkled Woodland Scenics Blended Turf in Green Blend onto the glue.

After sprinkling the turf, I gently tapped additional material cupped in my hand to fill in most gaps.  Final touch-ups are best left until after the glue dries.

Once the touch-ups were done, I applied Woodland Scenics Cement to each with a spray bottle.  Once dry, this keeps the foliage stable enough for gentle handling while keeping a soft appearance.

My finely coiffed shrubbery will be set aside until I'm ready to plant.  :]


Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
Wow! They look great! I’ve got to try this :D
09/05/18 @ 22:16
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
Wow! Very nice! And perfect if you're looking for shaped shrubberies (we are the Knights who say neet). I'm going to keep this in mind for the future.
09/06/18 @ 07:00
Comment from: Elizabeth S [Visitor]
Obviously the head mini gardener is earning their keep. Very tidy and well-groomed shrubbery!
09/06/18 @ 16:23
Comment from: Wendy [Visitor]
This couldn’t have appeared at a better time! I’ve been puzzling on how to do some landscaping without enormous expense - thank you Otterine!
09/06/18 @ 16:53
Comment from: Kat [Visitor]
Shut the front door!! That’s brilliant.
09/06/18 @ 17:02
Comment from: Samantha [Visitor]
I just the other day bought foam balls from the Dollar Tree store that just opened in my area (excited!) with the aim to make topiaries out of them. Your post couldn't be more timely. I'll be sure to reference your technique when I get to them. :)
09/06/18 @ 17:19
Comment from: Kristine [Visitor]
Clever idea, so simple and yet the results are terrific! Always love seeing your behind the scenes!
09/06/18 @ 17:32
Comment from: patty keel [Visitor]
what a great idea. I usually buy my trees now I have an idea on how to make my own!!
09/07/18 @ 17:26
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you!!! :>> Glad to inspire so many little green thumbs! :))
09/10/18 @ 08:51
Comment from: Teresa Martens [Visitor]
Your shrubs look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to "plant" shrubs around the manor!
09/12/18 @ 12:59
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you!!! :>>
11/27/18 @ 12:52

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