What's old is new again

by brae  

Tonight, I rewired the vintage polka dot Lundby sconce from my childhood dollhouse as well as the two others I recently found on eBay.

I prefer to use LEDs with long life or replaceable bulb units when I hard wire lights, but that wasn't an option for these for a couple of reasons.  First, the holes in the lamp where the wires feed were too small for the NovaLyte LEDs I had on hand.  I couldn't use the ones from Evan Designs, because they have rectifiers along the wires (basically, little circuit boards).  Those definitely wouldn't fit.  The screw type bulb socket I tried was too big, and the bi-pin bulb socket won't work since there is no room inside the shade to manipulate the bulbs and the shade is not removable.

So...I am using the non-replaceable candle bulbs with varnished wires from the Chrysolite lamps I installed in the Heritage.  Since those light kits came with removable shades, I switched these bulbs out for replaceable bulb candle sockets.

Additionally, these three lights will be installed on outer walls.  What I will do is make the wire channels a little wider in one place so I can coil extra wire there.  In case I ever need to replace the bulbs, I can remove the strip of siding on the outside and rewire it with a new bulb.  It might sound like a pain, but it's at least a plan.  :D

Here they are taped in place around the daybed.

They are going to be fabulous mood lighting!

The other one will go above the front door.

I love the way lighting transforms a miniature build even so early on.  :]


Comment from: Elga [Visitor]

Love the lights, and do go to the trouble of making the wires accessible, I have read too many sad stories of lights not working anymore and having to do the wallpaper etc over, not something I ever want to do.

12/19/12 @ 22:58
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]

Looking great! Love these lamps! :D

12/20/12 @ 06:42
Comment from: chapchap73 [Visitor]

Those little lamps are just adorable! I have a couple of pieces from my own childhood dollhouse which are very special to me. It’s so wonderful that they’ve found new life! I made a trip to Joann today and want to send you something for Christmas so e-mail me your snail-mail. (No, I unfortunately did not find THE fabric, but this little piece just spoke to me:)

12/20/12 @ 12:10
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you, thank you! &#59;D

12/21/12 @ 16:04

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