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Watson Mill - more on layouts

by brae  

I liked the dumbwaiter so much, I wanted it closer to the circle library so it could be more easily photographed.  I can't swap it with the ladder, since there would be no adjacent floor upstairs to step onto from the ladder.  This, my friends, is why… more »

What'd you call me?

by brae  

A dumbwaiter, that's what.  :D  As I mentioned previously, Gustav will have only a ladder leading to the upper room, so it would be cumbersome for him to bring up late night milk and cookies while maintaining safe practices on the ladder.  I rigged up a… more »

Weedwacker Mill

by brae  

Thank you for your suggestions and comments on the windows and interior layouts.  Again, good to sleep on it.  I've put in some shrubbery and the window layout I wanted originally.  I think we have a winner since the landscaping balances it all out and… more »

Watson Mill - layouts, revisited

by brae  

Always good to sleep on things.  I wanted to try out the look of the window options on the front with the sails.  None of them appealed to me at all since they detract from the sails and the shape of the structure.  So, no windows on the frontside. That… more »

Watson Mill - layouts

by brae  

I tried out some furnishings this evening to figure out the direction of decorating going forward.  It's time to start thinking about lighting and wiring, so I need to determine where things will sit in the end.  After flipping things around and trying… more »

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