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Watson Mill - landscaping base

by brae  

It might seem strange to start the landscaping with the mill in dry fit, but this will help me visualize how the mill will look in the end.  I want a relatively steep landscape for the mill, considering the base board is 20" square.  I built up three… more »

Watson Mill - cutting holes

by brae  

Time to cut the window, door and ceiling openings.  I started with the simplest of the openings -- straight cuts.  I centered the lower front window under the windshaft and positioned it relative to the circle library for balance.   I cut the opening… more »

Watson Mill - circle library, part 5

by brae  

Continuing work on the circle library.  Since the plywood wall would stain different from the basswood and veneer, I needed to cover it.  That's why I wasn't especially careful in marking it up during the rest of the construction.  To make custom… more »

Watson Mill - circle library, part 4

by brae  

Continuing work on the circle library.  With the ladder moved to the front wall, I now have 8 3/4" of library wall space not including the two vertical end boards that will close it on the sides.  I marked the final position of the center circle.  This… more »

Watson Mill - circle library, part 3

by brae  

Continuing work on the circle library.  The wood veneer buckled on the outer surfaces of the circle supports.  I didn't have enough to redo both circles, so I redid only the smaller one.  I hope once the books are in place it won't show.  I also will… more »

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