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Watson Mill - the end of the dry fit

by brae  

Since I had left the original door and window in place on the kit front, I had to even out the raised portions of the die cuts.  I used 60 grit sandpaper taped to a scrap of wood to flat sand the raised areas away.  I touched up the gesso primer… more »

Watson Mill - electrical plan, part 2

by brae  

Things always come up when the warmer weather hits, and I get out and about with friends and family.  Then on my "days off" from festivities, I relax and recuperate to start the work week all over again.  So, the blog slows down this time of year, but I… more »

Watson Mill - wash stand

by brae  

I bought this pale yellow metal wash stand from The Dolls House Emporium some time ago mainly because I liked the shape and color (looks like they don't have it anymore).  It didn't come with a bowl, but I didn't have a home in mind for it anyway so it… more »

Watson Mill - electrical plan

by brae  

Before I could apply the wallpaper, I had to figure out my wiring plan.  I'll need two lines -- one AC and one DC -- since the windshaft motor and dollhouse lighting differ.  Ceiling light channels are simple enough, but I needed to know which direction… more »

Bargello seat covers - new colors

by brae  

Here is one of the benches with the other items selected for the main floor of the mill. The stain, the settee and the foxes all have yellow/red tones, and the blue cast in the bargello was killing it all.  I chose new colors in a grey/brown… more »

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