Watson Mill - wallpaper

by brae  

Choosing wall color is a big step in decorating.  I always knew I wanted a pale blue for the main floor, but finding the right shade was key.  There will be a lot going on with décor in a small space, so nothing too dark, too bright or too green to compete with the settee or corner cabinet.  I like using textured cardstock since it has visual interest over flat paper and it can cover rough walls better, especially when die cut pieces have been left intact like the former door location on the front wall.

My first option was a pale sea foam blue from Hobby Lobby.  They didn't have this in the larger 12 x 12 sheets, but the short main floor made this workable.  I would still have to piece it along the front wall, but the ladder could disguise the seam.  Meeko is modeling for us.  :]

But, I knew I had my winner when I received my order from Scrapbook.com.  This is Happenstance - Fluke by The Paper Loft.  It is flat paper, but it has a printed design that looks like old fresco.

The blue would be lovely in the bedroom, but I have a few other ideas milling about.  Nothing has spoken to me yet.  I did buy enough of the paper in case I decide to make it uniform throughout the build.


Comment from: Debora [Visitor]

I love the colors!

06/10/17 @ 10:44
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]

Lovely :)

06/10/17 @ 12:52
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]

Very pretty… I love how it looks.

06/10/17 @ 16:32
Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]

So pretty! Your plates will look very well against it.

06/10/17 @ 19:56
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]

I like your choice for the main floor Brae, although both seem to work well with your green sofa.

06/11/17 @ 17:12
Comment from: brae [Member]

Glad you all like it! :>>

06/11/17 @ 19:55
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]

I love a good textured wall - smart! Visual interest without making the space too busy with competing patterns and accessories. I’m getting more and more excited to see it all come together!

06/14/17 @ 08:01
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thank you! :>>

06/15/17 @ 07:42

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