Watson Mill - bedroom wallpaper prep

by brae  

Time to prep the upstairs bedroom wallpaper.  I lucked out with a great find at the recent Wee "c" Miniatures Show 2017 - a vintage paper from Mini Graphics called Gallery Flower.  Since it came rolled, I pressed it flat on the table for a couple weeks before using.  I had traced the wall outlines before assembly, so these helped me make paper templates to check the fit before cutting the final paper.

There were only two sheets of the paper in the roll, so I had to be careful with my cuts.  I was able to get the three pieces needed to cover the bedroom from one sheet, leaving a couple of small scraps and one full sheet in case of disaster during installation.  The light paper color will help keep the room from becoming a dungeon once the roof is on.

The upper floor will have stained baseboards, so I propped them in place to check the color and fit.  They are lighter than the flooring but don't clash since the paper is light.

Next up, figuring out the lighting before installing the paper.


Comment from: Debora [Visitor]
Eeeeee! That looks great! I like that paper, very old fashioned. :D
01/09/18 @ 22:16
Comment from: Sheila [Visitor]
Oh I really like that! Enough of a pattern to be interesting without overwhelming and it echoes some of the hues in your flooring. Very nice!
01/10/18 @ 05:56
Comment from: Samantha [Visitor]
*claps* love this!. I really like the use of lighter trim to help the transition from dark floor to light paper. Very retro stylish. :)
01/10/18 @ 09:54
Comment from: elizabeth s [Visitor]
It all looks very comfortable. The wallpaper pattern is similar to that on the bed and that combinations along with the wood flooring feels old-fashioned and charming.
01/10/18 @ 11:01
Comment from: Kristine [Visitor]
Looks fantastic with the pattern on the bedding!
01/12/18 @ 18:38
Comment from: Jodi [Visitor]
It was so great to see you'd posted about Watson Mill! I really like how the baseboard and wallpaper compliment each other in tone. Great planning to get all the pieces cut from a single piece and make them look so continuous!
01/14/18 @ 12:19
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks so much! :>>
01/17/18 @ 14:02

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