Walnut firewood box

by brae  

Building a firewood box for the Studio served two purposes.  It will hold the wood stove switch so I don't have to reach into the structure to operate the flickering LED fire, and it gave me the opportunity to work with walnut using my scroll saw.

I followed a pattern in the book How to Make Shaker Furnishings for Doll Houses or Miniature Rooms by Pat Midkiff.  What a long title!  :D

Here's the living area photo from the book.  Unfortunately, there is no pattern for the stove included.  There are three pegs on the side of the firebox in the photo.  I didn't add them to the one I built since I didn't have a walnut dowel.

The pattern was very simple to follow, and my two cut curves came out very close!  :D  I did change the dimensions slightly, because the sheets of walnut I had on hand were narrower than the largest pattern piece.  I finished the box with one coat of Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish to bring out the beautiful color and grain.  I added a light wash of black and brown to make it less shiny and new.

I will finish the side deck before drilling the hole in the bottom for the battery and switch.


Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
Ooooh, so purty. Very well done! You are on your way to becoming a master scroll sawer!!
03/07/13 @ 18:17
Comment from: April [Visitor]
Very cool. Dulling the finish was a nice touch.
03/07/13 @ 18:52
Comment from: Lucille [Visitor]
Well done, Brae! Good practice for you. I also love the dulled finish.
03/07/13 @ 19:57
Comment from: Kathi [Visitor]
Love the walnut. I am really enjoying your posts on this build. The decking is going to be wonderful!
03/08/13 @ 06:13
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks so much! :>>
03/08/13 @ 17:49
Comment from: Chris M [Visitor]
Looks great and I'm *very* impressed with the identicality (is that a real word?) of the two sides. Did you tape the two pieces of wood together and cut them simultaneously, or did you just do that well individually? The wash really is the perfect finishing touch, too!
03/08/13 @ 20:45
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thank you! :D I cut one side, traced it onto the next piece of walnut and cut it really close. I held the two together and lightly sanded the subtle differences...but there was very little discrepancy between them. No one is more surprised than me! :))
03/08/13 @ 20:49
Comment from: Irene [Visitor]
What a great idea to hide the gubbins! You're really getting the hang of this scroll saw now!
03/12/13 @ 02:51
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks! :D I'm certainly more comfortable with it than I thought I would be. :yes:
03/12/13 @ 21:48

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