Wallpaper Mucilage, I love you!

by brae  

Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I definitely have a new stand-by!  A couple of people here and on the Greenleaf forum recommended the wallpaper mucilage that miniatures.com carries.  I ordered a jar to give it a try.  Now, it is a small container for $7, but you don't have to use very much.  And, why get a huge jar if it will just dry out before you can use the whole thing?

I tried it on a scrap of paper, applying it directly to the paper instead of the wall this time.  It did curl the paper a little but it wasn't unmanageable.

I stuck the paper to my primed scrap board and it stayed put right away.  I could move it a little if needed, but I didn't have to constantly press the edges to get it to work.  There was no buckling of the paper, either.  This is vintage Millie August dollhouse wallpaper called Bonnie Brae.  :D

To be fair, I tried the same glue-to-paper technique using the True Value real life wallpaper adhesive.  It really curled the paper.  This would be an issue all by itself, but the paper didn't want to stick to the primed wall.  I am guessing you really have to slather this on, which would be fine for thick real life wallpaper but not for mini papers.

I tried the True Value real life wallpaper adhesive on some wood flooring sheet, too.  While it gave a decent hold after it dried, getting it to stick in the first place was a pain.  I tried the MiniGraphics wallpaper mucilage on the same flooring, and it worked like a charm.

The next test was to use the MiniGraphics mucilage on a cut piece of wallpaper.  I applied it with a foam brush and the curling was minimal.  It stuck to the wall, allowed me to reposition (quickly) and then stayed put.  No, can't show you that part.  :D

Since only time will tell if the MiniGraphics mucilage will hold up to humidity, I can't say for sure it is foolproof.  But, I ran some water over both samples and the True Value pasted paper buckled whereas the MiniGraphics pasted paper did not.  That's a good sign.

I'm not really sure why I was so insistent on using Yes paste.  I've seen it recommended before, and I could buy it locally and not have to wait for shipping.  No more Yes for me.  hahahaha...

Update: Hobby Lobby carries this product and you can either wait for the 30% dollhouse miniatures sales or use your 40% off coupon.


Comment from: Blondie [Visitor]
Interesting. I haven't had any problems with YES, but now I'm all curious about this paste..... Perhaps I'll order some in the future.
11/30/13 @ 21:45
Comment from: J. Thiedeke [Visitor]
Hi Brae, Thanks for sharing this information. Wallpaper can be such a difficult problem to resolve if it all goes wrong. Appreciated your testing it in different circumstances. Regards Janine
11/30/13 @ 22:19
Comment from: Evelyne [Visitor]
&#59;) Oh, and fiy, I bought my jar in 2010. Still good! Yay :)
12/01/13 @ 04:49
Comment from: Betsy Rogers [Visitor]
Hi Brae! I have used that Mucilage on the only wallpapering I have done... in my Cupboard House Dining Room... (Oh that neglected house....) and in the bedroom of the Lovely Old Dollhouse and in the upstairs of the Folly and I have had no issues with any buckling or bubbles of any kind. It has stayed put just perfectly... and we go from very humid in the Summer to Painfully dry in the Winter! I had thought to try "real" wallpaper paste... but they make the formulas with all sorts of additives these days... so I was happy to find the mini jars of the Mucilage. I can't wait to see where you have applied your wallpaper!!! (I find these secret building projects a little annoying... I want to see the step by step as it goes project!!!!) Okay, I'm done pouting now... I LOVE all the things you make, and your work and your meticulous processes are very inspiring! Please keep up the great work!
12/01/13 @ 08:45
Comment from: Claudia [Visitor]
I've used it on all the wallpapered walls in my dollhouse. I really love it. And this dollhouse came to me damaged, with irregularities on the surface of the walls. Mucilage has really worked.
12/01/13 @ 12:26
Comment from: Chris M. [Visitor]  
I have used this a lot and after many years, it's still holding with no issues. FWIW, Hobby Lobby usually carries this - it's one of the few miniature items they do carry (plus flat tape "wire" and tranformers). Always looking to save with that 40% off coupon ...
12/01/13 @ 21:22
Comment from: Susan Korman [Visitor]
Hi Brae! Love the wallpaper name :-) Much appreciate the information about the pastes and tests. Can't wait to see where that particular wallpaper is going. Interesting. Susan
12/02/13 @ 10:59
Comment from: Chris M. [Visitor]
P.S. I forgot to tell you that I particularly stressed the mucilage. I used it to wallpaper with some embossed white scrapbook paper, then I painted the paper with a couple coats of watered down paint. The mucilage held up well - no buckling, curling, bubbling, etc.
12/02/13 @ 17:18
Comment from: brae [Member]
Thanks for the added info. I will have to check Hobby Lobby the next time I am in need! :D
12/08/13 @ 13:48
Comment from: Amber [Visitor]  
How long does it usually take for the minigraphics mucilage to dry?
01/12/21 @ 19:59
Comment from: brae [Member]
I'm not sure of the exact drying time. When I use it, I usually end up leaving it overnight or longer before moving on to next steps.
01/13/21 @ 11:42

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