Vintage Millie August kits - part 2

by brae  

I finished the couch over the weekend, and now I've finally tackled the chair.  I found the instructions to be a little lacking in comparison to the couch, so I was glad I finished the other kit first.  It helped me figure out what to do when I wasn't sure about the directions.

The couch didn't have a side chair counterpart, but I thought this would work well as an alternative.  But, I didn't want it to look like a vanity chair so much as a comfortable modern chair.

Photo from kit box

To that end, I cut off the top curve on the back.

Initially, instead of doing the multiple pleats around the chair, I mimicked the skirting I had done for the sofa to tie the two pieces together.

It turned out okay, but I felt it didn't have the same polish as the couch.  The problem was that the original design took all the extra fabric from pleated skirts into consideration and therefore the seat was cut large.  I didn't cut the seat down when that step came around not thinking about this end my skirts ended up looking too thin for the overall lines of the chair.  I didn't care for the bulge in the middle.

My only real option was to remove the outer trim and the skirts and cut new pieces from the spare fabric included in the kit, because removing the seat assembly to cut it down would have meant tearing the whole thing apart.  Not at all tempting.  :\

I still didn't want the multiple pleats, but I had to assemble one to see how thick it was.  Once I had that measurement, I was able to figure out how much thickness I needed to add around the base to make up for the lack of the pleats.  I added 1/16" thick balsa wood around the sides and front.

I cut new corner pieces, skirts and the thin finishing trim.  I was able to salvage one piece of trim from the first go around, but it was a little short in the back once fully assembled...but we won't look at the back.  ;]  I reassembled the skirts and trim and ended up with a much better result.

It fits with the couch nicely, I think.    Hurray!

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Comment from: H. Bean [Visitor]
They look great together & your modifications really improved the chair. Beautifully done!
04/14/11 @ 21:45

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