Vintage dining table and chairs, part 1

by brae  

For the kitchen, I am using two Arjen Spinhoven Arts & Crafts chair kits.  I like that Monique put the back on upside down and ended up with a better design than the original.  :D  So, I am doing the same.  I've sanded the laser cut edges to remove the brown residue and to round off the edges.

The table is an attempt at a reproduction of a Heywood-Wakefield Cliff House table.  Mine is a bit skinnier than the original near the bottom.  Also, in real life woodworking, you would make each of the legs from two pieces since the grain goes only one direction and the feet would be too breakable on the cross grain.  I cut the curved fronts on the scroll saw, taping the wood layers together.  I then cut the backs manually.

I used 1/16" thick wood for the legs since my purchased wood circle top was also thin, but 3/32" thick wood might have been better for stability.  They are very delicate, and perhaps when I have more time, I will redo it the right way though I do love it as is.

The next challenge will be getting the mdf chairs and the wood table the same color.


Comment from: The Grandmommy [Visitor]

I wish I could be that precise when making minis. I guess I am going to have to learn. I like the upside down version too.

12/03/15 @ 08:48
Comment from: Judith Abraham [Visitor]


That chair is the greatest!!! You are always so creative.

12/03/15 @ 09:01
Comment from: Monique [Visitor]

haha, I knew it made more sense, happy you agree and have them the same! :D I think it’s great what you’ve done so far with the table, beautiful legs. That will be a challenge, to get the same colour all-over.. but I"m sure you’ll succeed and I look forward to how they will look!

12/03/15 @ 11:58
Comment from: BunnyD [Visitor]

Gosh Brae I have no idea what style this build is. I’m sure you’re doing it accurately, you always do, I’m just not familiar with it. I personally would need piles of pillows and cushions on that chair to be remotely comfortable on it. Thank heavens it’s too small for me. =D I agree the chair back looks better upside down. Right side up it looks like a strange face. *_*

12/03/15 @ 12:06
Comment from: Nancy Enge [Visitor]

The table is lovely! And thanks for the Arjen Spinhoven site link. Fabulous useful stuff!

12/03/15 @ 13:36
Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]

What an elegant table that is going to be..
Thank you for the link to Monique’s blog - enchanting!

12/03/15 @ 21:58
Comment from: Keli [Visitor]

Nice :) Good job on the table.

What worked for me, getting my three colors of filler roof the same color, was to paint it a base coat of black first. Maybe that would work for you.

12/04/15 @ 06:35
Comment from: brae [Member]

Thanks!! :D

Great minds, Keli – I did just that last night. :))

12/04/15 @ 07:39

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