Trim a Tree contest

by brae  

I've entered the Newport Christmas tree in a mini contest hosted by Mary's Miniatures.  There are three of us entered, so we're each already's just a matter of who places where in the line-up!  :D

You can see the entries here and "like" to cast your vote.  Voting ends December 20th.
By the way, I'm not on facebook so I can't reply to the lovely comments there.  Thank you all for your encouragement!  :D


Comment from: Jeannette B. [Visitor]

My vote is in! I love the tree!
I wish I would have had time to decorate my own tree in there this year, but I don’t think it will happen. I will just have to keep admiring your pictures. :o)

Have a great Christmas!

12/11/13 @ 10:08
Comment from: Susan Korman [Visitor]

Hi Brae,

Voted for your tree! I don’t have a mini tree but the full size is up and decorated. I’ll live minily (is that a word) vicariously through yours :-) Good luck, Brae.


12/11/13 @ 11:45
Comment from: Veronique [Visitor]

Voted for your tree!! I have to decorate a second mini tree tomorrow and make more ornaments. No time nor space for a real tree I fear…

12/11/13 @ 13:05
Comment from: Jane s [Visitor]

Its a wonderful tree, I am sure it will be tops &#59;)

12/11/13 @ 14:11
Comment from: Angie Hall [Visitor]

Your tree is gorgeous!

12/11/13 @ 18:32
Comment from: thea [Visitor]

Een prachtige boom, ik heb gestemd

Groetjes Thea

12/14/13 @ 01:33
Comment from: Teddi [Visitor]  

Your tree is beautiful Brae…makes me think of early Christmas morning and any minute the little ones are going to come running down the stairs to see what Santa left for them! Absolutely wonderful! And of course I voted for yours!

12/15/13 @ 22:38